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Richard Ivey School Of Business - General

Students will acquire a developed knowledge, and critical understanding of the key concepts and skills in entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial thinking. In particular, students will learn the skills and knowledge to navigate in a rapidly changing world: creative problem solving, opportunity recognition, initiative, resilience, how to course correct, and how to learn from mistakes. Students will leave this certificate program with the skills desired by organizations world-wide and the ability to navigate their entrepreneurial journey.

Admission Requirements

The Certificate is open to all Western University and Affiliated University College students.

Completion of first-year requirements, with a minimum average of 65%. In addition, students must complete the application form on the Morrissette Institute for Entrepreneurship website ( Entrepreneurial experience is not required to apply. Admission is not guaranteed; enrolment in the program and in courses may be limited.

Module/Program Information

To complete the Certificate in Entrepreneurship successfully, students must complete the following 3.0 courses with a minimum average of at least 70%, with no course under 60%.

3.0 courses:

1.0 course in Business Fundamentals from: Business Administration 1220E or Business Administration 1299E or Business Administration 2257 or Business Administration 2295F/G plus (Economics 2129A/B or Psychology 2061A/B).
0.5 course from: Business Administration 4564A/B, Digital Humanities 2120F/G, Digital Humanities 2127A/B, Engineering Leadership and Innovation 3000A/B.
0.5 course in New Venture Creation: from: Business Administration 4458A, Engineering Leadership and Innovation 3200A/B.
1.0 course in New Venture Project: Business Administration 4569.

Students are encouraged to complete the courses in the order above. Business Fundamentals must be completed prior to New Venture Creation, and New Venture Project must be completed as the final credit.