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Faculty of Engineering - Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

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This option allows the undergraduate chemical engineering student to develop a strong background in applying chemical engineering skills to the food industry on a global scale.

Admission Requirements

Students entering the Chemical Engineering/Honours Specialization in Foods and Nutrition program – Option H must have completed the entire first year program at Brescia University College and the first-year program in Engineering (Year 2, below) at Western with a minimum year-weighted average of 70% and a minimum grade of 60% in Chemistry 1302B. Students who have not completed Grade 12U Physics and Calculus with a minimum grade of 70% in each must take the equivalent courses at Brescia University College before starting Year 2 of the program.

Module/Program Information

Year 1 (Brescia)

        1.0 course: Chemistry 1301A, Chemistry 1302B.
        0.5 course: Biology 1290B.
        1.0 course: Foods and Nutrition 1070A, Foods and Nutrition 1241B.
        1.0 course: Physiology 1021.
        0.5 course: Interdisciplinary Studies 1200A/B.
        1.0 non-technical elective (must be from Category A or B).

Year 2

        1.5 courses: Numerical and Mathematical Methods 1411A/B, Numerical and Mathematical Methods 1412A, Numerical and Mathematical Methods 1414B.
        1.0 course: Physics 1401A, Physics 1402B.
        1.5 course: Engineering Science 1036A/B, Engineering Science 1050.
        1.0 course: CBE 2206A, CBE 2207B.
        1.0 course: Foods and Nutrition 2230A/B, Foods and Nutrition 2449B.

Year 3

        Term A: Biochemistry 2288A, CBE 2214A, CBE 2220A, Foods and Nutrition 2232, Foods and Nutrition 3342A, Numerical and Mathematical Methods 2270A.
        Term B: CBE 2221B, CBE 2224B, CBE 2291B, Foods and Nutrition 2232, Numerical and Mathematical Methods 2277B, Writing 2130G.

Year 4

        Term A: CBE 3307A, CBE 3315A, CBE 3322A, CBE 3324A, CBE 3395Y, Foods and Nutrition 3400A.
        Term B: CBE 3310B, CBE 3318B, CBE 3330B, CBE 3319B, CBE 3323B, CBE 3395Y, Foods and Nutrition 3348B.

Year 5

        Term A: CBE 4413Y, CBE 4497, Engineering Leadership and Innovation 4110F/G, Foods and Nutrition 3390W, Foods and Nutrition 3380A.
        Term B: CBE 4413Y, CBE 4497.
        2.0 courses in Foods and Nutrition or Human Ecology at the 3000- or 4000-level.

Technical Elective List:
Some technical electives may not be offered in a given academic year. Consult the Department for accurate listing.

3000- and 4000-level Foods and Nutrition or Human Ecology course options can be found in the Academic Calendar.