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Faculty of Engineering - Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

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This option allows the undergraduate chemical engineering student to develop a strong background in applying chemical engineering skills to the food industry on a global scale.

Admission Requirements

Students entering the Chemical Engineering/Honours Specialization in Foods and Nutrition program – Option H must have completed the entire first year program at Brescia University College and the first-year program in Engineering (Year 2, below) at Western with a minimum year-weighted average of 70% and a minimum grade of 60% in Chemistry 1302B. Students who have not completed Grade 12U Physics and Calculus with a minimum grade of 70% in each must take the equivalent courses at Brescia University College before starting Year 2 of the program.

Module/Program Information

Year 1 (Brescia)

        1.0 course: Chemistry 1301A, Chemistry 1302B.
        0.5 course: Biology 1290B.
        1.0 course: Foods and Nutrition 1070A, Foods and Nutrition 1241B.
        1.0 course: Physiology 1021.
        0.5 course: Interdisciplinary Studies 1200A/B.
        1.0 non-technical elective (must be from Category A or B).

Year 2

        1.5 courses: Numerical and Mathematical Methods 1411A/B, Numerical and Mathematical Methods 1412A, Numerical and Mathematical Methods 1414B.
        1.0 course: Physics 1401A, Physics 1402B.
        1.5 course: Engineering Science 1036A/B, Engineering Science 1050.
        1.0 course: CBE 2206A, CBE 2207B.
        1.0 course: Foods and Nutrition 2230A/B, Foods and Nutrition 2449B.

Year 3

        Term A: Biochemistry 2288A, CBE 2214A, CBE 2220A, Foods and Nutrition 2232, Foods and Nutrition 3342A, Numerical and Mathematical Methods 2270A.
        Term B: CBE 2221B, CBE 2224B, CBE 2291B, Foods and Nutrition 2232, Numerical and Mathematical Methods 2277B, Writing 2130G.

Year 4

        Term A: CBE 3307A, CBE 3315A, CBE 3322A, CBE 3324A, CBE 3395Y, Foods and Nutrition 3400A.
        Term B: CBE 3310B, CBE 3318B, CBE 3330B, CBE 3319B, CBE 3323B, CBE 3395Y, Foods and Nutrition 3348B.

Year 5

        Term A: CBE 4413Y, CBE 4497, Engineering Leadership and Innovation 4110F/G, Foods and Nutrition 3390W, Foods and Nutrition 3380A.
        Term B: CBE 4413Y, CBE 4497.
        2.0 courses in Foods and Nutrition or Human Ecology at the 3000- or 4000-level.

Technical Elective List:
Some technical electives may not be offered in a given academic year. Consult the Department for accurate listing.

3000- and 4000-level Foods and Nutrition or Human Ecology course options can be found in the Academic Calendar.

Related Information

Brescia University College will fully integrate with Western University as of May 2024, following the approval of a memorandum of agreement (MOA) by the governing boards of the two institutions on January 10, 2024.

Students wishing to learn more can refer to the Office of the Registrar website for additional information.