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Faculty of Information and Media Studies - Creative Arts and Production - Faculty of Information and Media Studies

Note: the Major in Creative Arts and Production is jointly offered by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, the Faculty of Information and Media Studies and the Don Wright Faculty of Music.

Admission Requirements

Acceptance into a Bachelor of Arts program in either the Faculty of Arts and Humanities or the Faculty of Information and Media Studies or the Don Wright Faculty of Music. Completion of first-year requirements with a minimum mark of 60% in Creative Arts 1020A/B, and a minimum mark of 60% in at least a 0.5 course from MIT 1070A/B, Music 1629A/B, Music 1695A/B/Y, Music 1730A/B, Music 1925, Studio Art 1601, Studio Art 1605, Writing 1000F/G, or Computer Science 1033A/BStudents must also meet the admission requirements for their other module. Enrolment in the Major in Creative Arts and Production is limited. Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee that students wishing to enter the module will be offered enrolment.

Module/Program Information

6.0 courses:

0.5 course in second year: Creative Arts 2200A/B.
0.5 course in third year: Creative Arts 3200F/G.
0.5 course in fourth year: Creative Arts 4400A/B/Y.
0.5 course in fourth year from: Creative Arts 4410A/B/Y, Creative Arts 4411A/B/Y.
2.0 courses from: Creative Arts 2010A/B, Creative Arts 2050F/G, Creative Arts 2070A/B, Creative Arts 2100A/B, Creative Arts 2210A/B, Creative Arts 3010A/B, Creative Arts 3050F/G, Creative Arts 3070A/B, Creative Arts 3210A/B, Creative Arts 3300A/B, Creative Arts 3099A/B, Creative Arts 4099A/B, Creative Arts 4200A/B, Creative Arts 4210A/B.
2.0 courses from: Classical Studies 3100E, Classical Studies 3130F/G, Dance 2270A/B, Dance 2274A/B, Dance 3371A/B, Dance 3372A/B, Digital Communication 2203A/B, Digital Communication 2204A/B, Digital Communication 2311F/G, Digital Humanities 2120F/G, English 2041F/G, English 2097A/B, English 2099F/G, Film Studies 3368F/G, GSWS 3305F/G, MIT 2153A/B, MIT 2156A/B, MIT 2550A/B, MIT 2570A/B, MIT 2600A/B, MIT 2601A/B, MIT 3132F/G, MIT 3351F/G, MIT 3776A/B, Music 2695A/B, Music 2700A/B, Music 2701A/B, Music 2702A/B, Music 2734A/B, Music 2736A/B, Music 2925, Music 2970, Music 3734A/B, Music 3735A/B, Music 3736A/B, Music 3737A/B, Music 3738A/B, Music 3739A/B, Music 3854A/B, Music 3925, Music 3960A/B/Y, Music 3970, Studio Art 2500A/B, Studio Art 2508A/B, Studio Art 2510A/B, Studio Art 2560A/B, Studio Art 2652A/B/Y, Studio Art 2660A/B, Studio Art 2662A/B, Studio Art 2663, Studio Art 3660A/B, Studio Art 3662A/B, Studio Art 3663, Studio Art 3664A/B, Studio Art 3674A/B, Theatre Studies 2201F/G, Theatre Studies 2202F/G, Theatre Studies 3202F/G, Theatre Studies 3205F/G, Theatre Studies 3206F/G, Theatre Studies 3207F/G, Theatre Studies 3208F/G, Theatre Studies 3209F/G, Theatre Studies 3581F/G, Writing 2204F/G, Writing 2211F/G, Writing 2213F/G, Writing 2214F/G, Writing 2218F/G, Writing 2220F/G, Writing 2224F/G, Writing 2226F/G, Writing 2227F/G, Writing 2530A/B, Writing 3225F/G, Writing 3228F/G, or any Creative Arts course not taken above.

Note: This module cannot be taken on its own. It must be completed in conjunction with another Major, Specialization or Honours Specialization module in a Bachelor of Arts degree in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, the Faculty of Information and Media Studies, or the Don Wright Faculty of Music.