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Faculty of Science - Integrated Science Program - (WISc)

The Western Integrated Science (WISc) program is a first entry, four-year program administered by the Faculty of Science. It is designed to provide select students with the diverse science education necessary to address the interdisciplinarity of today's major scientific challenges (e.g., climate change, world hunger, alternative energy). WISC combines unique Integrated Science courses with traditional discipline-specific courses. In Year 2, WISC students will enroll in an Integrated Science Honours Specialization module administered jointly by the Faculty of Science and individual Science departments.

Students who complete WISc Program will graduate with an “Honours Bachelor of Science in Integrated Science with (specific discipline).”

Admission Requirements

Admission into WISc is competitive, limited and open only to students who apply to Western through the ES stream of the Ontario Universities' Application Centre. In addition to the Grade 12 requirements, a personal statement is required and will be used as part of the adjudication for admission. See the Western Faculty of Science website ( for details about the admission selection process.

Completion of first year requirements with no failures. Students must complete the following courses with an average of at least 70%, with no individual course mark below 60%:
0.5 course: Chemistry 1301A/B;
0.5 course: Physics 1201A/B or Physics 1501A/B or the former Physics 1301A/B;
0.5 course: Mathematics 1600A/B*.
Students must complete Mathematics 1600A/B by the end of Term 1 in Year 2.

Module/Program Information

13.0 courses:

2.5 courses: Integrated Science 2001F/G*, Integrated Science 2002B*, Integrated Science 3001F/G**, Integrated Science 3002A/B**, Integrated Science 4001Y***.
0.5 course*: Philosophy 2320F/G.
0.5 course: Science 3377A/B**.
1.5 course: Integrated Science 4999E***.
0.5 course from: Calculus 2502A/B (preferred), Calculus 2302A/B.
0.5 course from: Calculus 2503A/B (preferred), Calculus 2303A/B.
0.5 course: Applied Mathematics 2402A/B.
2.0 courses: Physics 2101A/B, Physics 2102A/B, Physics 2110A/B, Physics 2910F/G.
0.5 course from: Physics 3900F/G/Z, Physics 3926F/G.
1.0 course from: Physics 3151A/B, Physics 3200A/B, Physics 3300A/B, Physics 3400A/B.
3.0 courses from: Applied Mathematics 3815A/B, any Physics or Astronomy course not yet taken numbered 2100 or above, Chemistry 4424A/B

Students must also complete Physics 2950Y, Physics 3950Y (non-credit seminar courses).


Year 1 consists of 5.5 courses.
* indicates courses taken in Second Year of Program
** indicates courses taken in Third Year of Program
*** indicates courses taken in Fourth Year of Program


Progression Requirements

First year requirements must be completed with no mark less than 60% in any principal course and an overall average in principal courses of 70%. See particular Integrated Science module for what constitutes principal courses. For progression into 4th year of the program, students must maintain an overall average of 70% with no mark less than 60% in any course required in the module. Students who do not meet the progression requirements, or chose not to continue in the program, may be able to continue their studies in a traditional module. Students should consult an academic counsellor in the Department that administers their chosen module.