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Admission Requirements

Completion of first year requirements with no course grade less than 60% on a full course load. Students must have an average of at least 70% in 5.0 course load and 70% in 4.0 principal courses, with no mark in these principal courses below 60%, including: Kinesiology 1080A/B and Kinesiology 1070A/B or the former Kinesiology 1088A/B; Physiology 1021; and 2.0 courses from the subject areas of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics as follows: Biology 1001A or Biology 1201A and Biology 1002B or Biology 1202B; Chemistry 1301A/B and Chemistry 1302A/B; Calculus 1000A/B, Calculus 1301A/B, Calculus 1500A/B, Calculus 1501A/B, Applied Mathematics 1201A/B, Mathematics 1120A/B, Mathematics 1225A/B, Mathematics 1228A/B, Mathematics 1229A/B, Mathematics 1600A/B, Statistical Sciences 1024A/B, Data Science 1000A/B; Physics 1101A/B, Physics 1201A/B or the former Physics 1028A/B or the former Physics 1301A/B or Physics 1501A/B and Physics 1101A/B, Physics 1202A/B or the former Physics 1029A/B or the former Physics 1302A/B or Physics 1502A/B.

Note: The Honours Specialization in Kinesiology - BSc is a limited enrollment program. More competitive academic standing may be required when demand exceeds enrollment capacity. Admission to the module is restricted to students registered in the School of Kinesiology.

Module/Program Information

9.5 courses:

1.5 coursesKinesiology 2222A/B, Kinesiology 2230A/B, Kinesiology 2241A/B (must be taken in second year).
1.0 course from: Kinesiology 2900 - 2999, Kinesiology 3900 - 3999, Dance 2174A/B, Dance 2274A/B, Dance 2275A/B, Dance 2276A/B, Dance 2375A/B.  A minimum /maximum of four activity quarter courses (or equivalent) must be selected in second year.
0.5 course in Kinesiology at the 2000 level (non activity based).
0.5 course from: Kinesiology 3341A/B, Kinesiology 3343A/B, Kinesiology 3353A/B.
1.5 courses: Kinesiology 3330F/G, Kinesiology 3337A/B, Kinesiology 2032A/B.
1.0 course from: Kinesiology 3343A/B, Kinesiology 3353A/B, Kinesiology 4430F/G, Kinesiology 4432A/B, Kinesiology 4433A/B, Kinesiology 4490E, Kinesiology 4520A/B, the former Kinesiology 4450A/B.
3.5 additional Kinesiology courses at the 2000 level or above (non activity based), of which 1.0 must be from: Kinesiology 2250A/B, Kinesiology 2263F/G, Kinesiology 2276F/G, Kinesiology 2292F/G, Kinesiology 3362F/G, Kinesiology 3378F/G, Kinesiology 3388A/B, Kinesiology 3476F/G, Kinesiology 3490F/G, Kinesiology 4459A/B, Kinesiology 4460F/G, Kinesiology 4465F/G, Kinesiology 4498A/B, the former Kinesiology 3363A/B, the former Kinesiology 3390F/G.

For module planning guide go to the School of Kinesiology website:

Note: Students in this module must select three full or equivalent science options from the 2100 level or above. Up to 2.0 of the 3.0 Science credits may be taken from the following list of Kinesiology courses (not previously selected). Kinesiology 3339A/B, Kinesiology 3341A/B, Kinesiology 3343A/B, Kinesiology 3347A/B, Kinesiology 3353A/B, Kinesiology 3360A/B, Kinesiology 3480A/B, Kinesiology 4420A/B, Kinesiology 4430F/G, Kinesiology 4432A/B, Kinesiology 4490E, Kinesiology 4520A/B, the former Kinesiology 4443E.

Note: Kinesiology students graduating with the Honours Bachelor of Science Degree Honours Specialization in Kinesiology are recognized as having met the University graduation policies pertaining to Science course requirements.

Note: All students must complete a Statistics course as a pre or co requisite to Kinesiology 2032A/B.

Note: All Honours Specialization modules in Kinesiology require the successful completion of at least 1.0 4000-level Kinesiology credits prior to graduation.

Note: A maximum of 12.5 Kinesiology Credits may be taken in any Honours Specialization degree or module.