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Faculty of Social Science - History

Admission to this module is discontinued effective September 1, 2023. Students currently enrolled in the module will be permitted to graduate upon fulfillment of the module requirements by August 31, 2027.

Note: the Minor in Jewish Studies is jointly offered by Huron University College, King's University College and the Faculty of Social Science.

Admission Requirements

Completion of first-year requirements, with a minimum mark of 60% in each course.

Module/Program Information

4.0 courses:

1.0 course: Jewish Studies 1370F/G, History 2821F/G, History 2822F/G.
0.5 course: Jewish Studies 2345F/G cross listed with Religious Studies 2345F/G.
0.5 course from: Jewish Studies 2346F/G cross listed with Religious Studies 2346F/G, Jewish Studies 2347F/G cross listed with Religious Studies 2347F/G.
0.5 course from Expressions - Literature and Art: French 2211F/G; German 2141A/B; Hebrew 1020, Hebrew 1030, Hebrew 1040A/B, Hebrew 1041A/B, Hebrew 2200, Hebrew 2240A/B, Hebrew 2241A/B, Hebrew 3300; Jewish Studies 2790F/G, Jewish Studies 3790F/G, Jewish Studies 4790F/G; MIT 3931F/G; the former Women's Studies 2152A/B; *
0.5 course from Experience - History and Social Science: History 3807E, History 3808F/G, History 4426E; Jewish Studies 2791F/G, Jewish Studies 3791F/G, Jewish Studies 4791F/G; Political Science 3329F/G (only if taken prior to September 2015), Political Science 4409F/G; Religious Studies 3450F/G, the former History 3427E;
0.5 course from Ideas - Classical and Modern Jewish ThoughtJewish Studies 2792F/G, Jewish Studies 3792F/G, Jewish Studies 4792F/G; Philosophy 2665F/G, Philosophy 2667F/G; Religious Studies 2114A/B, Religious Studies 2163A/B, Religious Studies 2168A/B, Religious Studies 2169A/B, Religious Studies 2171A/B, Religious Studies 2204F/G, Religious Studies 2213F/G, Religious Studies 2259F/G, Religious Studies 2286F/G, Religious Studies 2346F/G / Jewish Studies 2346F/G (if not taken to satisfy the requirements described earlier in the module), Religious Studies 2347F/G / Jewish Studies 2347F/G (if not taken to satisfy the requirements described earlier in the module), Religious Studies 2420A/B, Religious Studies 3020F/G, Religious Studies 3030F/G, Religious Studies 3175F/G, Religious Studies 3453F/G, Religious Studies 4040F/G.
0.5 course from any of the three categories listed above, Expressions, Experience, and Ideas.

Or other courses in each category from a list maintained by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Huron University College.

Note: Some courses in this module may require prerequisites; students are advised to check course prerequisites carefully. *Hebrew is not mandatory for the Minor but a Hebrew course is recommended.