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Don Wright Faculty of Music

Western Main Campus


Talbot College Room 210


(519) 661-2111 ext. 82043


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Bachelor of Music

Bachelor of Arts


Combined Programs in the Don Wright Faculty of Music

Music Courses for Students from Other Faculties

The following music courses are specifically designed as electives for students from faculties other than Music.

A student registered in a Faculty other than Music may also take Music courses not listed here, with the permission of the Dean of the student's Faculty, and of the Chair of the Music Department offering the course.

Music 1102A/B
Music 1122A/B
Music 1170A/B/Y
Music 1925
Music 2171A/B/Y
Music 2104A/B
Music 2700A/B
Music 2701A/B
Music 2702A/B
Music 2708A/B/Y
Music 2709A/B/Y
Music 2925
Music 3925
Music 4925