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Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering

Western Main Campus


Thompson Engineering Building, Room 477
Western University


(519) 661-2131


The Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering offers courses in chemical engineering, biochemical engineering, and environmental engineering. Students may choose the General Chemical Engineering Option or the Biochemical and Environmental Engineering Option after completion of second year. The Biochemical and Environmental Engineering Option includes courses in air and water pollution, hazardous and solid waste treatment by biological and chemical methods, design of chemical and biochemical processes to minimize pollution at the source and development of new biodegradable and/or recyclable materials, and biomaterials. Biochemical engineering courses deal with the application of basic biological sciences to the design of large scale bioprocesses for the production of high value medicinal products, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, biomedical, genetic engineering products, and health care products. Chemical engineering courses deal with the application of physical sciences, reaction kinetics, process control, heat and mass transfer and fluid dynamics, to the design of chemical processes to produce commercial chemicals (plastics, petrochemicals, agrochemicals, gaseous and liquid fuels, pulp and paper products, mining products and environmentally friendly consumer products). Graduates from both the General Chemical Option and the Biochemical and Environmental Option receive training in fundamental principles of Chemical Engineering.

Special options in Chemical Engineering and Management (5 years) and Chemical Engineering and Law (6 years) are available to students seeking double degrees in BESc Chemical Engineering and BA in Honours Business Administration (HBA) and BESc Chemical Engineering and Law. Other five year concurrent degree programs with different disciplines and Chemical Engineering are also available. The Chemical Engineering Program is an accredited program.

Engineering Externship Program (EEP)

The Engineering Externship Program (EEP) allows Chemical Engineering students, after completing the third year of the Biochemical and Environmental Engineering Option, an additional opportunity to pursue an eight-month Biotechnology Certificate Program at Fanshawe College. It is anticipated that this type of externship opportunity could provide students with additional optional skills outside of the regular Chemical and Biochemical Engineering curriculum.

Chemical Engineering students who wish to exercise this option must apply for the EEP course Engineering Science 2276 following their third year of Chemical Engineering (Biochemical and Environmental Engineering Option). Western Engineering controls entry into the program.  If accepted into the program, students will take the courses specified by the certificate program linked to Engineering Science 2276.