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Western University Academic Calendar. - 2023
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Health Sciences 3992


The activities, reports and other contractual obligations of a 9-12 month internship work term recognized and approved by the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Prerequisite(s): Approval of, and acceptance into, an internship work term. Corequisite(s): Health Sciences 3990.

Extra Information: non-credit, Pass/Fail. Note: (1) Because Internships are not currently available to international students, they are not permitted to register in this course; (2) This course cannot be included in the number of courses counted toward any module or program; (3) Successful completion of Health Sciences 3990 and Health Sciences 3992 will be recognized on a student's transcript.

Course Weight: 3.00
Breadth: CATEGORY A i  
Subject Code: HEALTSCI

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