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Management and Organizational Studies 3494


A series of preparatory workshops prepares students for a practical professional learning experience. Using an application/interview process, students are selected for an 8-16 month work term in a sponsoring agency approved by the Department of Management and Organizational Studies. During the work term, students will complete an interim report, and following the work term, interns must complete a written report and oral presentation on work undertaken during the internship.

Prerequisite(s): Business Administration 2257, or MOS 2227A/B and MOS 2228A/B, completion of 2nd year of BMOS Program with a minimum average of 70%, and participation in Preparation and Training Workshops. Approval of, and acceptance into, an internship work term.

Extra Information: Pass/Fail. Note: Credit for this course will not be given unless a minimum 8 month Internship and all other mandatory components have been completed. On successful completion, credit for the course will be given in the year in which initial registration in the course took place which is usually in Year 3.

Course Weight: 1.00
Breadth: CATEGORY A i  
Subject Code: MOS

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