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The Faculty of Law maintains a web-based student registration and records program called LAWSYS. It is the responsibility of all instructors to enter their students' final grades and, for first year full-year courses, their students' mid-term examination grades into this program.

The deadline for entering grades is: (a) in courses with a final examination, one week following the writing of the examination; and (b) in courses without a final examination, one week after the last day of classes.

An instructor does not have the authority to change a students' final grade unilaterally after it has been submitted to the Students Services Office. However, if an instructor discovers a mathematical or other technical error in a grade that has been submitted, he or she should contact the Student Services Office as soon as possible to record the appropriate grade officially.

The Faculty has the right to alter course grades at the grades meeting. The Dean or Associate Dean (Academic) will alert an instructor if his or her grades appear to be anomalous, and may seek an explanation.

Academic Calendar 2007 (new) » FACULTIES» FACULTY OF LAW » PROCESS