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Structure of the Program

The combined program is administered on behalf of the Ivey Business School and the Faculty of Law by the two Program Directors, one of whom is appointed by the Business School and the other by the Faculty of Law. The program allows students to complete both the Bachelor of Laws and the Bachelor of Arts in Honors Business Administration degrees in six academic years instead of the normal seven years required if the LLB and HBA degree programs were taken separately.

Students are registered in the combined program for Years Four to Six. Below is a brief outline of the program by year. The specifics may change as courses change in each faculty. It is assumed that students do not take more than two years of course work prior to beginning HBA1. However, it is possible to undertake the combined program with more than ten credits prior to HBA1.

Admission to the Combined Program
Students must apply to the Faculty of Law for admission to the combined program. In general, students may apply after they have been admitted to the HBA program and before May 1 following completion of HBA1. However, early applicants may be granted conditional admission. All applicants must meet Faculty of Law admission requirements.

Years One and Two
All students must complete at least two years of fulltime university courses obtaining ten full credits. Students may take a wide variety of courses in any faculty and must include Business 257.

Year Three

All students must take the HBA1 year in Year Three.

Year Four - Combined Program
All students must take first year Law in Year Four. They may not take any business courses during
this year, including Business 430, (the Ivey Client Field Project/New Venture Project).

Year Five and Six - Combined Program

Students take an approved mix of required and elective courses from both faculties in these years. In the HBA Program, students must take all HBA2 core required courses including the Ivey Client Field Project/New Venture Project plus two half course equivalent Business electives. Students must take courses in Law totaling 45 credit hours. These courses must include the two compulsory upper-year courses, at least three core-group courses, and a course requiring a written essay worth at least two credit hours. Studentsí choices of elective courses are subject to the approval of the Program Directors who must review proposed elective course selections to ensure that the objectives of the program are met. The elective courses may not include introductory courses of a dual law and business nature such as Law and Accounting or Business Law.

Exchange Programs
Students enrolled in this combined program may be eligible for Law
exchanges, but only in Year Six. Students are not eligible for HBA exchanges in the combined
program. A student must satisfy both Program Directors that his or her course load is appropriately
balanced before permission will be given to participate in an exchange program.

Progression Standards
Students in this combined program must meet the following progression standards:
Students enrolled in HBA1 (Year Three) must attain a minimum weighted rounded average of 78%.
Students enrolled in first year Law (Year Four) must attain a standing in the top half of the Law1
class. In Years Five and Six, students must attain a minimum weighted average of 75% in their 400
level HBA courses and a B average in their Law courses.

Failure to Meet Progression Standards
A student who fails to meet the combined program progression standards in any year must withdraw
from the combined program. However, a student who has met the progression standards of either
the HBA or Law program will be allowed to proceed to the next year of that program. If the
progression standards of both individual programs have been satisfied, the student may continue in
either program and may petition the School or Faculty whose program was not selected for
permission to complete that program at a later date. A student who is required to withdraw from the
combined program and wishes to pursue either or both of the individual programs, must complete
all the degree requirements of the individual program or programs in order to graduate from that
program or those programs.

Dean's Honor List
Students are considered for the Deanís Honor List at the Business School during their first year of
HBA and at the Faculty of Law during their first year of Law.

Students enrolled in Years Five and Six of the combined program are considered for the Deanís
Honor List at the Business School in Year Six only. Only grades obtained in 400 level Business
courses will be used in calculating averages for determining Deanís Honor List standing. Courses
taken on exchange and courses taken outside the Business School are excluded. The Deanís Honors
List for HBA2 typically includes the top 10% of all of the class and is determined by vote of the
teaching faculty. Those who stand on the Deanís Honors List over all 300 and 400 level courses
taken at the Business School at the completion of the concurrent program will graduate as Ivey

In Years Five and Six of the combined program, a student who takes Law courses totaling at least
12 credit hours in any year is considered for the Deanís Honor List at the Faculty of Law in that year
on the basis of those courses.

Graduation with Distinction
Eligibility to graduate "with distinction" for each degree is determined by each Faculty.

Students pay the prevailing fees as determined by the University policy on combined programs. Contact the Office of the Registrar, Stevenson Lawson Room 190 519-661-3023 or at for details.