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Welcome to a new section of the Academic Calendar. We hope this section will make it easier for you to view what modules and programs have recently been introduced at Western.

The date indicated below is the month and year in which the new module/program was passed by SCAPA and approved by Senate.

JULY 2006 - AUGUST 2006

There have been no new programs approved during this time.

JUNE 2006

Brescia University College, Scholar's Electives Program.

Brescia University College, Minor in Foods and Nutrition.

MAY 2006

Faculties of Science and Social Science: Honors Specialization in Animal Behaviour (BSc).

Faculty of Science: Minor in Game Development.

Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry: Major in Microbiology and Immunology.

Faculty of Social Science: Minor in Refugee and Migrant Studies.

APRIL 2006

Huron University College, Faculty of Theology: Minors in Biblical Studies, Historical and Systematic Theology.

Faculty of Science and Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry: Honors Specialization in Biochemistry of Infection and Immunity.

MARCH 2006

Brescia BMOS Major modules in Accounting, Management and Organizational Studies, Organizational and Human Resources, as well as renaming their existing ACS modules to BMOS modules.


Bachelor of Administrative and Commercial Studies (BACS) degree has been renamed to the Management and Organizational Studies. New Modules include: Accounting; Management and Organizational Studies; Organizational and Human Resources, Commercial Aviation Management. This change is effective for both main campus and the affiliated university colleges.

Childhood and Family Relations program renamed to Childhood and Social Institutions.

Academic Calendar 2006 (new) » NEW MODULES/PROGRAMS