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Spring/Summer Sessions

Eligibility For Registration - Spring/Summer Sessions
Registration in Spring/Summer Sessions shall be available to full and part-time students provided that the performance in the preceding Fall/Winter session has not been conditioned by deferred, special or supplemental examinations or by incomplete standing and that the Deans of Faculties shall be empowered to authorize registration in a Spring/Summer Session(s) of students enroled in their faculties preceding Fall/Winter Sessions whose performance was conditioned (i.e., by deferred, special or supplemental examinations, or by incomplete standing).

Course Content and Structure of Summer Session and Distance Studies Courses
The content and structure of courses offered in Summer Sessions and by Distance Studies shall be, essentially, equivalent to the content and structure of the comparable courses offered in the intramural sessions.

For summer session courses, this includes the formal hours of instruction - lecture, laboratory, tutorial, and the academic work load including in-class and out-of-class assignments.

For summer session half courses, instruction shall be conducted throughout the entire session. Under special circumstances, a department may be granted exemption from this regulation by the dean of the faculty, acting on the advice of the Educational Policy Committee (or equivalent) of the Faculty Council.

For Distance Studies courses, where possible, the academic workload, assignments and course materials shall be the same as intramural sessions.


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