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Exchange Course Grades

Undergraduate Grades for Courses Taken on Exchange
Grades for undergraduate courses taken on exchange will be recorded as pass/fail (“PAS” or “FAI”) on a student’s official academic record. Numerical or alpha grades earned will not be recorded.

Students with continuing scholarships/awards will be deemed to have satisfied the progression requirements for retention of their scholarship/award if a) they take the equivalent of a full course load per term (2.5 Western course equivalents) at the host institution, and b) pass all of their courses.

Students planning to take courses that are mandatory for their program or module, or which serve as specific prerequisites for further study, should consult the appropriate Faculty Dean’s Office and/or Academic Counselling to ascertain if there are any specific requirements that must be met in order to receive appropriate credit.

This policy applies ONLY to courses taken “on exchange.” Courses taken on Letter of Permission will continue to be recorded on the basis of the numerical or alpha grades issued by the host institution.


  1. Students who go on exchange will be eligible for the “with distinction” designation on graduation if they pass all of the courses taken on exchange and meet the criteria for “with distinction” in all other years.
  2. Students will not be eligible for the “Dean’s Honour List” in the year that they are on exchange.
  3. Students who go on exchange in the final year of their degree program will not be eligible for the Gold Medal in their program.
  4. Students also need to be aware that certain graduate programs, professional schools, and other postgraduate programs normally require original transcripts from the exchange year and use these grades in their evaluations.


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