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Academic Counselling

Academic counselling will be on a continuous basis as a responsibility of the Faculties for full and part-time students.

The Dean of each Faculty shall appoint a body of academic counsellors, responsible directly to the respective Dean, to help students in their choice of, and progression within, their programs of study.

Departments of the Faculties shall designate members to assist the coordination of academic counselling in each faculty.

The recommendations for academic counselling should not be construed as to prohibit use of students in academic counselling.

No additional remuneration shall be paid to faculty members participating in academic counselling services, except those participating in the summer counselling program.

Each department shall provide course outlines and reading lists for the Academic Counsellors for all courses offered by the department.

Counselling is compulsory for all undergraduate and special students who intend to register in courses at Western University. (This does not apply to students in programs in Medicine, Dentistry, Law and Education.)

Student Responsibility for Course Selection

A student in a degree program must select courses in accordance with the published requirements. Many courses have prerequisites or require the approval of the Department. These requirements, and any enrolment limitations, should be noted carefully prior to registration. Substitutions for prescribed courses require the written approval of the Department and the Dean. Students registering in the Fall/Winter Session and intending to take second-term half-courses must register for those courses during the course registration period.

Students are responsible for ensuring that their selection of courses is appropriate and accurately recorded, that all course prerequisites have been successfully completed, and that they are aware of any antirequisite course(s) that they have taken. If the student does not have the requisites for a course, and does not have written special permission from his or her Dean to enrol in the course, the University reserves the right to cancel the student's registration in the course. This decision may not be appealed. The normal financial and academic penalties will apply to a student who is dropped from a course for failing to have the necessary prerequisites.

Students are responsible for determining the deadlines for adding and dropping courses. Although every effort will be made to accommodate late registrants, students are warned that courses may be filled by the last day to add a course in that term.

Students registered at Western or at an Affiliated University College (Brescia, Huron, King's) should note that if a course appropriate to their program is offered in an academic unit other than their own, they may register in it providing that their academic unit does not offer the course. However, students must have the written permission of the Dean of their Faculty prior to registering in a course that is offered both at Western and an Affiliated University College.


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