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Examination Conflicts

For final or mid-year examinations scheduled by the Office of the Registrar or instructors during the December or April exam period, a student who is scheduled to write more than two such examinations in any 23-hour period, more than three in any 47-hour period, or more than four in any 71-hour period may request alternative arrangements through the office of the dean of their faculty.* This policy does not apply to mid-term tests occurring outside the December or April exam periods.

When a student has more than two examinations in any 23-hour period, more than three examinations in any 47-hour period or more than four examinations in any 71-hour period, the following will be taken into consideration when determining which examination(s) will be moved:

A student who is scheduled to write two examinations concurrently must notify the Registrar so that arrangements may be made for both examinations to be written in the Examination Conflict Room in a sequence established by the Registrar.

A student scheduled to write an examination that conflicts with a holy day of that student's religion which prohibits such activity should seek accommodation under the terms of the policy on religious holidays.

Examinations written in the Conflict Room will be the regular examinations.

The Registrar will notify the appropriate department chair of the required information regarding students writing in the Conflict Room (i.e., student name, course, section, date and time of the conflict).

It is the responsibility of the Department Chair to ensure that the Registrar receives the appropriate examination paper and supplies seven days before the examination date.

Examinations written in the Conflict Room are to be picked up by the Department Chair or designate during the first working day following the examination date.

Students writing examinations in the Conflict Room will have a supervised break between examinations. Students are required to follow the instructions of the Conflict Room proctors at all times.

*Note: For the purposes of interpretation of this policy:

The Graduate Record Examination, or other examinations for entrance to professional or graduate schools, shall be considered equivalent to a final examination offered by Western. Students should give notice of the conflict in writing to their Dean as early as possible but not later than November 15 for mid-year examinations and March 1 for final examinations, i.e., approximately two weeks after the posting of the mid-year and final examination schedule respectively. In the case of mid-term tests, such notification is to be given in writing to the instructor within 48 hours of the announcement of the date of the mid-term test.


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