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A student is entitled to be examined in courses in which registration is maintained, subject to the following limitations:

  1. A student may be debarred from writing the final examination for failure to maintain satisfactory academic standing throughout the year.
  2. Any student who, in the opinion of the instructor, is absent too frequently from class or laboratory periods in any course, will be reported to the Dean of the Faculty offering the course (after due warning has been given). On the recommendation of the department concerned, and with the permission of the Dean of that Faculty, the student will be debarred from taking the regular examination in the course. The Dean of the Faculty offering the course will communicate that decision to the Dean of the Faculty of Registration.

Failure to Appear at an Examination

Students who fail to appear for an examination at the time set in the timetable will not be allowed to write the examination they missed. Students missing an exam must report it immediately to the office of their Dean. Students may, with the approval of the relevant Department Chair, petition their Dean for permission to write a Special Examination.

Academic Handbook, Examinations, Attendance Regulations