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Regular Student, Special Student

Regular Student
A student who registers in the course requirements for a program and is proceeding toward a degree in that program.

Special Student
(i) A student who has received a degree from this (or another) university and who registers to take further courses but who is not a candidate for a degree.

(ii) Students who have an undergraduate degree from The University of Western Ontario and who intend to either (a) upgrade from a non-honours to an honours degree or (b) complete the requirements for a second honours degree in another discipline, must apply to the appropriate department(s) for assessment. Students will be considered for a specific Honours Degree program provided that all requirements for entry into an Honours program have been met. Meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee admission to an Honours Degree program: approval is at the discretion of the appropriate department and Dean's office. Department(s) will take into account courses from the first degree and prescribe the courses to be completed to fulfill all of the honours requirements. No fewer than 5.0 senior courses may be required and some programs may require more than 5.0 courses. These prescribed courses must be taken at The University of Western Ontario. Graduation requirements will differ according to the program. Students should check with the appropriate Dean's Office to ensure specific graduation requirements are being met.

Full-Time and Part-Time Student Registration

Full-Time Student
A student who registers in any session for 3.5 credits or more. (Also see the STUDENT FINANCIAL SERVICES sections.)

Part-Time Student
A student who registers for 3.0 or fewer credits in any session.

Course Registration

To register for courses, a student must:

  1. Be admitted to Western or be a continuing student in good standing. Students who have registered at Western, have subsequently transferred to another educational institution and who wish to resume studies at Western are not considered continuing students . Such students are considered transfer students and will be required to submit an application for admission by the applicable deadline.
  2. Select courses and ensure such courses are recorded by the Registrar's Office by the appropriate deadline.
  3. Pay or make arrangements to pay fees.

Failure to register during the designated time will result in a late registration fee.

First year and Transfer Students will be mailed registration information during the summer.

Continuing Undergraduate Students will complete an "Intent to Register" Form in February."Intent to Register" Forms will be available online. The on-line form and further instructions will be available at

Students transferring between Western and its Affiliated University Colleges must indicate their intent on the February "Intent to Register" form.

Students in the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies register for each of three terms.

Special Students wishing to register in 4000-level courses must obtain departmental permission for each course.

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