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Western University Academic Calendar. - 2024
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Academic Calendar

Purpose and Scope

The Academic Calendar is the official record of academic programs and university-wide academic policies as reviewed and approved by Senate and its relevant committees, necessary for the University to fulfill its academic role and mission.

By the act of registration each student becomes bound by the policies of Western University. Students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the policies, general information and specific requirements contained in the Calendar and in information provided by their Faculty, School or Affiliated University College.


Under the University of Western Ontario Act, responsibility for academic governance is vested in the Senate. Senate has the final authority to approve new programs, program or module changes, and new and revised academic policies on the recommendation of the Senate Committee on Academic Programs and Awards (SCAPA).

The University Secretary may provide direction about which calendar matters require Senate approval and which matters may be approved by the Registrar or by another authority.

The Registrar may make editorial changes to the Academic Calendar.

The administrative Academic Calendar Review Committee is responsible to oversee the structure and organization of the Academic Calendar, review content at least annually, mediate disputes and provide recommendations to Registrar for changes related to the Academic Calendar’s organization and structure as necessary.

Content of the Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar will include, but is not limited to:

    • Sessional dates
    • University-wide academic policies and regulations, including university admission requirements
    • University-wide non-academic policies relevant to students, including Code of Student Conduct
    • Description of all undergraduate/professional academic programs and modules, including:

        o Specific admission requirements and procedures
        o Specific progression and graduation requirements
        o Listing of academic courses

    • General information for students on matters within the purview of Senate, approved by the relevant Senate Committee and/or Senate
    • General information for students approved by the Registrar

Program-specific academic information is not part of the Academic Calendar and falls outside of Senate’s purview. This information may be posted on the academic units’ websites.

Responsibility to Publish

• The Office of the Registrar hosts the official version of the Academic Calendar electronically on the University’s website. The Office of the Registrar is responsible for the organization and design of the Academic Calendar and may make formatting changes as necessary in consultation with the University Secretary.
• The Office of the Registrar will take reasonable steps to ensure accuracy of the Academic Calendar and will archive the Calendars electronically.

Amendments to the Academic Calendar

The content of the Academic Calendar is established and subsequently amended after Senate’s or its relevant committees’ approval of curriculum or policy changes.

Changes to policies, programs, modules or courses must be made according to the Procedures.

Graduate Programs and Regulations

The list of graduate programs and regulations pertaining to graduate students are managed by the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and posted on the University’s website.


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