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Transfer Credits

In 1994, an Ad Hoc Subcommittee of the Senate Committee on Admission and Academic Policy and Procedures reviewed the question of course equivalencies for the transfer of credits and for courses taken on letters of permission.  To that end SCAAPP approved the following recommendations of that Subcommittee:

  1. That the current form designating course equivalence for the transfer of credits or for letters of permission be modified to contain a box which would declare whether the designation is to be used as a precedent. If it is, then the admissions office will add it to their data base and will declare the courses to be equivalent until told by the department that it is no longer accurate.

  2. That the course equivalency database initiated by the Office of the Registrar (Admissions) be expanded so that Deans' Offices may have access to updated information and so that individual faculty members and students have viewing capabilities.
  3. That individual departments forward to the Dean's Office, as they are assessed, equivalencies for courses taken at other institutions.

  4. That the Dean's office update the information for inclusion in the database as information is submitted from individual departments.

  5. That the information on the database may be used to determine equivalencies for letters of permission and for defining advanced standing.

  6. That students still receive Letters of Permission from the appropriate Dean's office.

  7. That a note be included with the data that questions concerning possible course equivalencies which are not found on the data base should be taken to the department.

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