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Professional Upgrading

Professional Upgrading Course of Study
Effective January 1, 1978, individuals may apply for admission to the Professional Upgrading Course of Study. To be eligible for admission, the applicant must:

1. be at least 21 years of age;

2. have significant learning and/or experience in a field related to the credit course or courses to which admission is sought;

3. have the written recommendation of the dean of the faculty offering the course;

4. not be currently registered in a degree program at Western University or elsewhere nor hold a degree. (See Special Student regulations)

Note: Admission to credit courses will be under Senate regulations governing standing without degree credit. Registration may, under those regulations, be granted either as Pass/Fail or as Audit.

Non-Degree Credit Students

Admission - Non-Degree Credit Students
Applicants who hold at least a three-year degree from an accredited university, the course content of which is not considered equivalent to that of Western University's fifteen-course degree and who wish to take additional courses for credit will be considered as Non-Degree Credit students.

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