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Accommodation for Religious Holidays

When scheduling unavoidably conflicts with religious holidays, which (a) require an absence from the University or (b) prohibit or require certain activities (i.e., activities that would make it impossible for the student to satisfy the academic requirements scheduled on the day(s) involved), no student will be penalized for absence because of religious reasons, and alternative means will be sought for satisfying the academic requirements involved. If a suitable arrangement cannot be worked out between the student and instructor involved, they should consult the appropriate Department Chair and, if necessary, the student's Dean.

It is the responsibility of such students to inform themselves concerning the work done in classes from which they are absent and to take appropriate action.

A student who, for either situation (a) or (b) outlined in paragraph one above, is unable to write examinations and term tests on a Sabbath or Holy Day in a particular term shall give notice of this fact in writing to his or her course instructor and Dean as early as possible but not later than two weeks prior to the writing of the examination. In the case of mid-term tests, such notification is to be given in writing to the instructor as early as possible, but not later than one week prior to the writing of the test. If a Special Examination is offered as an alternative means to satisfy the academic requirements, the instructor(s) in the case of mid-term tests and the Dean in the case of mid-year and Spring final examinations will arrange for special examination(s) to be written at another time. In the case of mid-year and Spring final examinations, the accommodation must occur no later than one month after the end of the examination period involved. It is mandatory that students seeking accommodations under this policy give notification before the deadlines, and that the Faculty accommodate these requests.

For purposes of this policy the University has approved a list of dates which are recognized religious holidays which require members of those religions to be absent from the University; this list is updated annually and is available at departmental, Deans' and Faculty advising Offices.


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