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Minimum average – determined in Affiliation agreement

Competitive average – reviewed annually by the Provost Office’s and the Office of the Registrar

General Guidelines

The University of Western Ontario (hereafter referred to as Western) strives to recognize and nourish talent so as to prepare students for their future endeavours.

Western is committed to equity, diversity, inclusion, accessibility, and decolonization (EDIAD) and to achieving and supporting a diverse undergraduate community.
Specifically, it is Western’s goal to address the historical disadvantages and under- representation of individuals from equity-deserving groups and to admit and support more Indigenous, Black, students with disability, LGBTQ2S+ undergraduate students and other underrepresented groups. This starts with recruitment of a diverse range of applicants into Western’s undergraduate programs and individuals from all equity deserving groups are enthusiastically encouraged to apply.

Admission to Western requires completion of an appropriate credential and sufficient academic achievement. The Office of the Registrar will maintain appropriate equivalencies across educational systems. The Office of the Registrar reserves the right to review all components of the academic record to evaluate admissibility.

This policy covers direct first-year entry programs (with the exception of the Arthur Labatt Family School of Nursing). Second entry programs and Nursing admissions are covered under additional policies.

Enrolment may be limited and admission is competitive. The minimum admission average is determined each year and is dependent on the number and quality of applicants, strategic goals of the university, and number of available places in each faculty and/or program. If the application for admission and the supporting documentation provided by the applicant do not appear to suggest a reasonable probability for success in university studies, the applicant will be denied admission.

Advanced standing may be awarded based on the recommendation of the department or Faculty awarding similar content at Western. Generic credits may be awarded by the Office of the Registrar based on an assessment of the awarding institution and applicant transcript.

A Western faculty or staff member who wishes to register in a credit course must complete an application for admission and provide the necessary documentation, as required by the auditors, in order for Western to retain eligibility for claim purposes.
The Dean of the Faculty, or designate, in which the student is applying may authorize the Office of the Registrar to make exceptions to the identified admissions standards and/or authorize higher course loads.

Dates and Deadlines

Application and confirmation deadlines are determined in conjunction with the Ontario University Application Centre, Faculty priorities and operational considerations. Information related to deadlines will be updated regularly by the Office of the Registrar.

Offers of Conditional Admission

Offers of conditional admission to suitably qualified applicants may be made. Such offers must include a disclaimer that Western reserves the right to withdraw the offer if the applicant fails to meet the specified conditions.

English Language Proficiency for Admission

Western reserves the right to require proof of academic English Language Proficiency from any applicant to ensure they have a reasonable expectation of success in the program to which they applied.

All applicants who are asked to provide proof of English language proficiency for undergraduate admission will be required to provide one of the options as per the English Language Proficiency Requirements listed on the Western website.

Deferred Registration

Students who have received an offer of admission may request permission to defer their offer of admission to a future term. Requests for deferral of admission should be received by the Office of the Registrar prior to commencement of the session for which the offer of admission was given. A deferral fee may apply. Enrolment in post-secondary study during the deferral period may void the deferred offer of admission.

Admission Fraud

If evidence of falsified information and/or omission is found in the submission of an application for admission, any documentation in support of an application, and/or an appeal for admission or readmission, Western reserves the right to deny admission, withdraw an offer of admission, withdraw an offer of scholarship, cancel a student’s course registration, and/or expel a student. Previous submission of falsified or fraudulent documentation may be considered in future applications made to Western.

General Admission Requirements to Undergraduate Programs


Students presenting the Ontario Grade 12 Secondary School curriculum must complete an Ontario Secondary School Diploma including:

     • Six Grade 12 U and/or M level courses (excluding co-op courses)
     • Grade 12 U level English - ENG4U must be one of the six courses
     • Faculty/Program prerequisites as specified by Western
     • An admission average that includes all prerequisite courses as specified by Western


Students from other provinces and territories in Canada may be eligible for admission to first-year on the following basis:

1) Grade 12 curriculum completed from a Ministry of Education (or equivalent)
- approved institutions in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan or Yukon.

2) Quebec

        a. Completion of an authorized Grade 12 diploma.
        b. Completion of the Secondary V Quebec high school diploma AND one year of full-time university studies.
        c. Completion of first-year CEGEP (Pre-University) with a minimum of twelve semester credits. Completion of a two-year Diplome d'etude Collegiale (Pre-University) with at least second class standing may be eligible for both admission and advanced standing up to a maximum of five full (or equivalent) courses or first-year of a professional program in certain first-year subjects, at the determination of the Office of the Registrar.

        d. Students graduating from the Three-year Program (Professional) DEC leading to qualification as a technician or technologist at the CEGEP may be considered for admission.


Candidates with acceptable standing at accredited degree-granting institutions may be considered for admission and assessed for advanced standing provided that the content of studies completed is equivalent in content to the courses offered by Western, and to the requirements of the program to which the student has applied.

Western will review candidates on an individual basis.

Applicants who have completed studies at a College of Applied Arts and Technology (CAAT) are eligible for transfer into a Western program in accordance with standards maintained by the Office of the Registrar.

     • To be eligible to serve as a basis of admission and to award transfer credit, the institution must be a recognized College of Applied Arts and Technology (CAAT).
     • Accredited/recognized colleges are those that are listed on the Ontario College Application Services (OCAS). If it is not a recognized CAAT, the program or institution must fall into another acceptable basis of admission.


Western welcomes applicants who meet our minimum admission requirements but may be below our competitive average and faced circumstances which impacted their academic performance. Further information on this pathway is available on Western’s website.


Western welcomes applicants who meet our minimum admission requirements but may be below our competitive average and have demonstrated commitment and/or excellence in other endeavours, or students who have succeeded in their studies amidst difficult circumstances.

Diverse Qualifications Admission applicants may include (but are not limited to):
     • Students with refugee backgrounds
     • Students with learning exceptionalities (broadly interpreted)
     • Students who have displayed dedication to learning in the face of socio- economic challenges
     • Students who have experienced systemic barriers, sociocultural adversity or personal hardship
     • Students with significant contributions to their community

Students wishing to apply under the Diverse Qualifications Admission category will be required to submit additional documentation explaining their situation, the impacts on past academic performance, and strategies to succeed at Western.


Western is committed to increasing Indigenous voices and presence across the university. Accessible undergraduate admission pathways are available for Indigenous applicants. To apply through this pathway, the applicant is required to provide proof of Indigenous Ancestry. Further information on this pathway is available through the Indigenous Student Centre.


Applicants who do not meet the minimum academic requirements for admission to Western may be eligible for consideration as mature students when they:

        1. Are Canadian citizens or permanent residents at the time of application,
        2. Will be at least 21 years of age in the calendar year in which admission is sought,
        3. Do not have an academic basis of admission (applicants having previously attended a university will be reviewed under University Transfer Regulations),
        4. Have not normally been in full-time attendance at an educational institution within the previous four years,
        5. Have achieved at least a "C" (60%) standing in any academic work attempted within the previous four years.

Mature applicants are normally considered for a maximum of 1.5 courses in each of the Fall and Winter terms. Mature applicants can request full-time admission by contacting the Office of the Registrar.

Mature applicants can become full-time students after meeting the progression requirements.


The current listing of minimum admission requirements to undergraduate programs from foreign countries and international curricula is maintained by the Office of the Registrar. For admission requirements of international applicants, please refer to the International High School Requirements on the Western website.


Qualifications other than those listed may be considered on an individual basis by the Office of the Registrar provided they are equivalent to the standing required for admission to the first year level at this University.