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Information and Media Studies Progression Requirements

Admission Priority for First Year FIMS Students
Students registered in FIMS who complete 5.0 first-year courses with an average of at least 65% in five principal courses and a minimum grade of 65% in the required MIT first-year courses will be guaranteed admission to second year of the Major in MIT.

The Faculty then ranks all remaining first-year students who apply to second year and fulfill the minimum admission requirements, and makes offers of admission until the program is filled to capacity.

Transfer Students
FIMS reserves 10 spaces for upper-year students to transfer into the second year of an MIT module from either another program at Western or another post-secondary institution. Preference is given to students who have fulfilled Western’s MIT first-year prerequisites at the time of admission. Transfers into second year are based solely on academic qualifications.

Part-Time Students
First-year students registered on a part-time basis will be reviewed for admission to second year of their desired program after the completion of 3.0 full-course equivalents, provided they meet the minimum progression or admission requirements and have completed the first year prerequisites for their desired MIT program.

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