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Other - Non Modular Program FIMS INTERNSHIP MODULE
Faculty of Information and Media Studies - Faculty of Information and Media Studies

Admission Requirements

To be eligible for admission to the FIMS Internship Module, students must have at least a 70% cumulative average at the time of application; have successfully completed at least 5.0 courses at Western University; and be in good standing, with no academic offenses and no more than 1.0 failures in a non-FIMS course. Prior to enrolment in the internship placement term, students must have completed all second-year FIMS required courses and at least 10.0 courses and have received a pass in FIMS 2999A/B/Y.

Students interested in the FIMS Internship Module may submit an application in their first, second, or third year of study. Upon admission, students will be registered in the FIMS Internship Module and FIMS 2999A/B/Y and FIMS 3990A/B/Y during the Fall/Winter academic year.

Students in the FIMS Internship Module must successfully complete all coursework included in FIMS 2999A/B/Y prior to their placement term. Students who are successful in securing an internship will pay an administrative fee attached to registration in FIMS 3995 and will receive 1.0 credits for two half-courses once the Internship Module (FIMS 2999A/B/Y, FIMS 3990A/B/Y and FIMS 3995) is complete. Students who are unsuccessful in securing a placement will be withdrawn from FIMS 3990A/B/Y without penalty and will not be liable for the FIMS 3995 administrative fee. Admission to the module does not guarantee that a placement will be found.

Students will be registered in FIMS 3995: Internship Placement Term during an internship placement term. During the placement term, students will complete the graded coursework required for FIMS 3990A/B/Y, the co-requisite, which includes: a) an Internship Experience Proposal b) submit two reflection papers c) complete an internship project and portfolio, demonstrating how the experience gained through the internship relates to their degree coursework d) maintain a satisfactory level of performance in the position as verified by the employer through evaluations e) complete a culminating capstone, including a final assignment and presentation. A faculty member will be assigned to evaluate the final capstone on a pass/fail basis and provide feedback on the student’s reflections on their learning experiences.

International students who meet the requirements to participate in the FIMS Internship Module must secure a valid co-op work permit and should connect with FIMS Career Services upon completion of the first-year program in FIMS.

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