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Politics and International Relations

The Certificate in the Study of Law and Public Policy at King’s University College will permit students to engage with the study of law and policy development with a focus on the application of core legal concepts such as the rule of law, civil liberties and rights as they are practiced in Canada and internationally, as well as the application of legal principles to the study of public policy. The program gives students a critical foundation in the institutional and social development of the law in a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary manner by addressing the various political, economic, historical and cultural perspectives that have produced contemporary legal and policy outcomes. In selecting the Certificate, students will be exposed to the institutional and societal foundations of law, both in Canada and internationally. All degree courses may be credited toward other undergraduate programs. Any undergraduate student may apply for admission, subject to prerequisites and general admission requirements.

Admission Requirements

Completion of first year requirements with a minimum cumulative average of 65%.

Module/Program Information

Program Requirements
To qualify for the Certificate in the Study of Law and Public Policy, students must achieve an overall average of 65% in the following 4.0 courses:

0.5 course: Political Science 2101A/B.
1.0 courses selected from List A.
2.5 courses selected from List A or B, if not already taken as part of the 1.0 course requirement from List A.

List A: Childhood and Youth Studies 2212F/G, Childhood and Youth Studies 2231A/B, Disability Studies 3326F/G, Economics 2138F/G, Economics 2155A/B, Economics 3319F/G, History 1814F/G, History 3809F/G, Human Rights Studies 2900F/G, Management and Organizational Studies 2275A/B, Philosophy 2080, Political Science 2218F/G, Political Science 3302F/G, Political Science 3303F/G, Political Science 3305F/G, Political Science 3307F/G, Political Science 3345E, Political Science 3369F/G, Religious Studies 2134A/B, Religious Studies 2163A/B, Psychology 2031A/B, Social Justice and Peace Studies 3365F/G, Sociology 2260A/B, Writing 3700F/G.

List B: Childhood and Youth Studies 2214F/G, Childhood and Youth Studies 2221A/B, Childhood and Youth Studies 2251F/G, Childhood and Youth Studies 3320F/G, Childhood and Youth Studies 3340F/G, Childhood and Youth Studies 3346F/G, Childhood and Youth Studies 3351F/G, Childhood and Youth Studies 3352F/G, Childhood and Youth Studies 3365F/G, Disability Studies 3311F/G, Disability Studies 3320F/G, Economics 2124A/B, Economics 2125A/B, Economics 2156A/B, Economics 2161F/G, Economics 2221A/B, Economics 2261A/B, Economics 3328A/B, Economics 3329A/B, Economics 3344A/B, Economics 3345A/B, Economics 3371A/B, English 2100F/G, English 2262F/G, English 3340F/G, History 1404E, History 2187, History 2190A/B, History 2195A/B, History 3285E, History 3851F/G, History 4204F/G, History 4220E, Human Rights Studies 2800E, Management and Organizational Studies 3362A/B, Philosophy 1120F/G, Philosophy 2268F/G, Philosophy 2242F/G, Philosophy 2270, Philosophy 3560F/G, Philosophy 3561F/G, Philosophy 3562F/G, Political Science 2213F/G, Political Science 2230E, Political Science 2276F/G, Political Science 3319F/G, Political Science 3387F/G, Political Science 4407F/G,  Political Science 4418F/G, Political Science 4421F/G, Political Science 4435F/G, Psychology 3313A/B, Religious Studies 2241F/G, Religious Studies 3451F/G, Sociology 2220A/B, Sociology 2222A/B, Sociology 2223A/B, Sociology 2131A/B, Sociology 2256A/B, Sociology 2267A/B, Sociology 4438F/G, Thanatology 4331F/G.

Students must complete a minimum of three subject areas within the Certificate.