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Scholar's Electives Program at Huron

The Scholar's Electives program allows students who have demonstrated outstanding academic potential to apply to Huron University College for admission to both a primary, discipline-based program of study and the Scholar's Electives Program. The program is designed to provide a stimulating learning environment for students who wish to undertake an interdisciplinary experience. The program is intended primarily for students who are interested in completing a four-year Honours degree before moving on to their chosen careers.

Scholar's Electives students will enrol in the Scholar's Electives Program in addition to their Honours degree courses. The Scholar's Electives courses will bring students into contact with faculty members from different disciplines and will expose students to significant ideas from those different disciplines. Students will be admitted to the Scholar's Electives Program by the Dean of Arts and Social Science and, where appropriate, in consultation with the Dean(s) of the constituent university faculties involved in the proposed course of study.

While the primary benefit of enrolling in Scholar's Electives is the flexibility to achieve personal and unique academic goals, there are a number of ancillary benefits associated with the program. Scholar's Electives students will be paired with a faculty mentor. The mentor will serve as the student's primary academic advisor. The mentor will hold regular meetings with the student to monitor the student's progress and provide advice as necessary. Students will have the opportunity to network and build a community with other high-achieving scholars at Huron University College, to participate in extracurricular activities, and to explore community-based research and international initiatives facilitated through Huron University College and its Faculty of Arts and Social Science.

Admission Requirements

Normally, students apply for admission to the Scholar's Electives Program prior to registration in the first year of a BA or BMOS  degree program.   Selection will be determined by the Dean of Arts and Social Science on the basis of grades, and a supplementary application form. After the first year, students whose achievements are comparable to the program's admission and progression requirements may apply to the Dean for late admission.

Module/Program Information

Program Requirements

The Scholar's Electives program includes an honours degree, with either an Honours Specialization module or Double Major modules, as well as the Scholar's Electives Program. The Honours Specialization or the Major modules may be standard modules offered by departments, or theme areas designed by the student with the support of Faculty mentors and approved by the Dean.

The Scholar's Electives Program

3.0 courses:

1.0 course: Interdisciplinary Studies 1101F/G and Interdisciplinary Studies 1102F/G, normally taken in first year.
1.0 course: Interdisciplinary Studies 2201F/G and Interdisciplinary Studies 3301F/G/Z.
1.0 course: Interdisciplinary Studies 4900E.

Students must be registered in a minimum of 5.0 courses during each Fall/Winter session. Students may take additional courses in the summer. With permission of the Department and the Dean, students with an appropriate background may be permitted to include senior courses in their first-year program. After first year, all courses taken by Scholar's Electives students must be numbered 2000 and above. (One exception may be permitted with the Dean's approval.) Regulations governing the New Academic Choices, including the breadth and essay requirements, apply to Scholar's Electives students.


Progression and Graduation Requirements

To maintain their registration in the Scholar's Electives program, students enrol in a minimum of 5.0 courses during the Fall/Winter session and must achieve a sessional average of at least 80% with no mark less than 65%. On any additional courses taken during the summer session, students must maintain a sessional average of at least 70%, with no mark less than 65%.

Graduation requirements

Completion of an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree, including the Scholar's Electives Program, with a minimum cumulative average of 80% with no mark less than 65%. The diploma awarded to students will record both the status of Scholar's Electives and the Specialization and/or Majors studied, as recommended by the Dean.