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Admission Requirements

Completion of first-year requirements, including at least a 0.5 course in History with a minimum mark of 60%.

Module/Program Information

4.0 courses:

Note that some courses have prerequisites. Some courses have limited spots and thus require special application or have preference for their own departmental students. Please check with each department to ensure you have all needed prerequisites.
2.0 courses: History 2811F/G, History 3813E, History 3809F/G.
2.0 courses from: History 2189A/B, History 2816A/B or Digital Humanities 2130A/B, History 2800F/G, History 2886F/G, History 3801E, History 3901F/G, History 4213F/G, History 4810F/G; Anthropology 3312F/G, Anthropology 3324A/B; Classical Studies 3010F/G, Classical Studies 3050F/G, Classical Studies 4580F/G; Museum and Curatorial Studies 2610F/G, Museum and Curatorial Studies 2620F/G, Museum and Curatorial Studies 3610F/G, Museum and Curatorial Studies 3620A/B/Y, Museum and Curatorial Studies 4681E, Museum and Curatorial Studies 4684A/B/Y, Museum and Curatorial Studies 4685E..

See the History Department website for the approved list of other courses from departments such as Anthropology/Archaeology, Classics, Digital Humanities, English and Cultural Studies, Geography, History and Visual Arts, with significant public history content, or another suitable course by special permission.

NOTE: Students may complete an Honours Specialization, or Major in History and also complete a Minor in Public History. No double counting is allowed: that is, courses taken to fulfill the requirements of this module cannot fulfill the requirements of any other modules at the university.

Recommended Course Progression in this Module:
Year 1: at least 0.5 course in History, and courses to fulfill university breadth requirements.
Year 2: History 2811F/G.
Year 3: History 3813E and History 3809F/G.
Year 4: 1.0 course from B, and 1.0 course from C if not taken earlier.