Academic Calendar - 2024

Western University Academic Calendar. - 2024

Western Main Campus

Faculty of Arts and Humanities - English and Writing Studies

Admission Requirements

Completion of first-year requirements, including 1.0 from English 1020-1999 with a mark of at least 60%.

Module/Program Information

5.0 courses:

1.0 course in Shakespeare from: English 3327A/B, English 3330E, English 3331F/G, English 3332F/G or English 3337E.
1.0 course in Canadian Literature from: English 2501E or English 3550-3599, English 3671F/G, English 3680F/G.
1.0 course in Popular Literature from: English 2033E, English 2071F/G, English 2072F/G, English 2074F/G, English 2092F/G, English 2096F/G.
1.0 course in National Traditions from: English 2301E, English 2401E or English 2601E.
1.0 additional essay course in English at the 2000 level or above or in Writing at the 2100 level or above.

Note: English 2033E is recommended for teaching Primary to Intermediate grades.