Academic Calendar - 2024

Western University Academic Calendar. - 2024

Western Main Campus

Faculty of Social Science - Sociology

Admission Requirements

Completion of first-year requirements with no failures. Students must have an average of at least 70% in 3.0 principal courses, including 1.0 from Sociology courses at the 1000 level, plus 2.0 additional courses, with no mark in these principal courses below 60%.

Module/Program Information

9.0 courses:

2.0 courses: Sociology 2205A/B and Sociology 2206A/B, Sociology 3306A/B, Sociology 3307F/G or Sociology 3322A/B.
1.0 course from: Sociology 2240E, Sociology 2270A/B and Sociology 2271A/B.
3.0 additional courses in Sociology at the 2200 level or above.
2.0 additional courses in Sociology at the 3300 level or above.
1.0 course from: Sociology 4404F/G, Sociology 4405F/G or Sociology 4496E.

Related Information

Prior to May 1, 2024, this module was offered by Brescia University College.