Academic Calendar - 2023

Western University Academic Calendar. - 2023


Governance, Leadership and Ethics Program

Admission Requirements

Completion of First Year with at least 0.5 course in either Philosophy, Business, History, or Political Science with an average of 60%.

Module/Program Information

6.0 courses:

1.5 coursesGovernance, Leadership and Ethics 2001F/G; Philosophy 2700F/G (cross-listed as Governance, Leadership and Ethics 2002F/G); Governance, Leadership and Ethics 2003F/G.
1.0 course from the Governance Group: Governance, Leadership and Ethics 1010F/G, Governance, Leadership and Ethics 3001F/G, Governance, Leadership and Ethics 4011F/G, Political Science 2231E, Political Science 2246E, Political Science 2257, Political Science 2284F/G, Political Science 3345E, Political Science 3351E, Political Science 3355E, Political Science 3368E, Political Science 3379E; MOS 3353F/G, MOS 4410A/B; Philosophy 2253A/B, Philosophy 2263F/G, Philosophy 3880F/G; History 2204F/G, History 2302F/G, History 2710F/G, History 2602F/G, History 2604F/G, History 3201E, History 3219E, the former History 3607F/G, GLE 2010F/G
1.0 course from the Leadership Group: Governance, Leadership and Ethics 3003F/G, Governance, Leadership and Ethics 3007F/G, Political Science 2270E, Political Science 3304F/G, Political Science 3306F/G; MOS 2155A/B, MOS 3385A/B, MOS 4488A/B; Philosophy 2760F/G, Philosophy 2820F/G; History 2813F/G, History 3313F/G, History 3705E, History 4202F/G, History 4308F/G, History 4810F/G.
1.0 course from the Ethics Group: Governance, Leadership and Ethics 3011F/G, Governance, Leadership and Ethics 4010F/G, Political Science 2219E, Political Science 2237E; History 3406F/G, History 3615F/G, History 4414F/G, History 4422F/G; Philosophy 2074F/G, Philosophy 2812F/G, Philosophy 2821F/G, Philosophy 2822F/G, Philosophy 3710F/G, Philosophy 3720F/G, Philosophy 3810F/G, Philosophy 3820F/G, Philosophy 3840F/G.
0.5 course from the Governance Group, the Leadership Group, or the Ethics Group.
1.0 capstone courseGovernance, Leadership and Ethics 4001E.


Progression Requirement

Students will be required to take Governance, Leadership and Ethics 2001F/G, Governance, Leadership and Ethics 2002F/G (Philosophy 2700F/G), and Governance, Leadership and Ethics 2003F/G prior to, or coterminous with, courses in the Governance Group, the Leadership Group, and the Ethics Group.