Academic Calendar - 2023

Western University Academic Calendar. - 2023


Management, Economics, and Mathematics, School of

Admission Requirements

Completion of first-year requirements with no failures. Students must have an average of at least 70% with no mark less than 60% in 3.0 principal courses, including an average of 70% and no grades less than 60% in the following 2.0 courses: Economics 1021A/B and Economics 1022A/B; 0.5 from Mathematics 1230A/B, Calculus 1000A/B AND 0.5 from Mathematics 1229A/B, Mathematics 1600A/B, Calculus 1301A/B, or Calculus 1501A/B.

Module/Program Information

9.0 courses:

3.0 courses normally taken in second year: Economics 2220A/B, Economics 2221A/B, Economics 2222A/B, Economics 2223A/B, Economics 2260A/B, Economics 2261A/B.
2.0 courses normally taken in third year: Economics 2210A/B, Economics 3313E, Economics 3381A/B.
1.5 courses normally taken in fourth year: Economics 3320A/B, Economics 4405E.
2.5 additional courses in Economics at the 3000 level. Students can replace 0.5 course with: 0.5 course from Analytics and Decision Sciences, or 0.5 course from History 3636F/G or History 3851F/G, or 0.5 course from Psychology 3393G: Special Topics Psychology (Applied Decision Making in Psychology) if taken in 2019-2020.

Students who have completed Economics 2122A/B, Economics 2123A/B, Economics 2150A/B, Economics 2151A/B, Economics 2152A/B, Economics 2153A/B with an average of 75% and no grade less than 70% may be admitted to the Honours Specialization in Economics and may be exempt from taking Economics 2222A/B, Economics 2223A/B, Economics 2260A/B, Economics 2261A/B, Economics 2220A/B or Economics 2221A/B, respectively.