Academic Calendar - 2022

Western University Academic Calendar. - 2022


Chinese, Japanese, and East Asian Studies - Faculty of Arts and Social Science

Admission Requirements

Completion of first year requirements with 3.0 principal courses and no mark less than 60% in any principal course.

Module/Program Information

6.0 courses:

2.0 language courses from: 2.0 courses at successive levels in Chinese or Japanese, or 1.0 course in Chinese plus 1.0 in Japanese at any level.
3.0 courses, no more than 1.0 of which may be at the 2600 or 2650 level, from: Japanese 2601A/B, Japanese 2750A/B, Japanese 3650F/G, Japanese 3651F/G, Japanese 3680F/G, Japanese 3750F/G, Japanese 3751F/G, Japanese 3690F/G, Chinese 2601A/B, Chinese 2602A/B, Chinese 2650F/G, Chinese 2651F/G, Chinese 3650F/G, Chinese 3651F/G, Chinese 3652F/G, Chinese 3653F/G.
1.0 course in Arts or Social Science numbered 2200 or above. The course(s) taken to meet this requirement must have East Asian content and receive prior approval from the program. The following courses are approved: Economics 3314A/B, Film Studies 2164A/B, Film Studies 3340F/G, Film Studies 3375F/G, History 2601E, History 2603E, History 2605E, History 2610F/G, History 2615F/G, History 3601E, History 3615F/G, History 4605E, History 4606F/G, Political Science 2280E.