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Art History 3638F/G


This course examines the visual culture of death in Mexican art, from ancient civilizations to contemporary examples. It also addresses the recent globalization around the Day of the Dead celebration. Students will engage with active and experiential learning as they are expected to create artworks relating to Death and to participate in Day of the Dead celebrations and other related traditions, culminating in an exhibition. Art History students will specifically investigate artworks created around the topic of Death in Mexican Art.

Antirequisite(s): Museum and Curatorial Studies 3638F/G and Studio Art 3678A/B.

Prerequisite(s): 1.0 from Art History 1640 or the former VAH 1040 or two of Art History 1641A/B – 1649A/B or the former VAH 1041A/B – 1045A/B or 1.0 essay course from Arts and Humanities, FIMS, or Social Science, or permission of the Department.

Extra Information: 4 hours: 2 Lecture, 2 Studio, blended, or online format.

Course Weight: 0.50
Breadth: CATEGORY B i  
Subject Code: AH

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