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Social Science 3995A/B/Y


A series of workshops to prepare students for a practical professional learning experience. After enrolling in the course, students apply and may be selected for a 4-month supervised work term with an employer as approved by the Faculty of Social Science. Following the work term, students must complete a final assignment and presentation on the work performed.

Prerequisite(s): Permission of the Faculty of Social Science. Applicants must have an average of at least 70% in the most recent 5.0 credits completed and be enrolled in a Social Science Honours Specialization, Specialization or Major module and be registered in third or fourth year of a 15.0 credit or 20.0 credit degree program.

Extra Information: Pass/Fail. Credit for this course will not be given unless an internship and all other mandatory components have been completed. This course may not be used as a substitute for any other course in the Faculty of Social Science. On successful completion, credit for the course will be given in the year in which initial registration in the course took place. Note: 1) International students should consult the Experiential Learning Coordinator, Social Science about their eligibility. 2) Students may not take any academic courses during their internship work term course (Social Science 3990A/B/Y).

Course Weight: 0.50
Breadth: CATEGORY A i  
Subject Code: SOCSCI

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