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Neuroscience 4000E


An independent laboratory project in Neuroscience emphasizing experimental design, instrumentation, data collection and analysis, and communication of experimental results by oral, poster and written presentations. Topics covered in seminar time include animal and human research ethics and institutional approval of animal and human experimentation, laboratory safety, and scientific communication skills.

Prerequisite(s): Neuroscience 3000F/G with a minimum mark of 75%; one of Biology 2244A/B; Statistical Sciences 2244A/B; or Psychology 2811A/B and Psychology 2812A/B, or the former Psychology 2810; Pharmacology 3620; Physiology 3140A; one of Medical Sciences 3991F, Communication Sciences and Disorders 3317A/B, Psychology 3996F or Psychology 3997G, or the former Medical Sciences 3900F/G/Z; and registration in Year 4 of an Honours Specialization in Neuroscience.

Extra Information: Minimum 15 hours per week.

Course Weight: 1.50
Breadth: CATEGORY C i  
Subject Code: NEURO

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