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Science 3391


A series of workshops prepares students for an applied professional learning experience. Using an application/interview process, students are selected for a 8-16 month work term in a sponsoring agency approved by the Faculty of Science. During the work term, students will complete an interim report, and following the work term, interns must complete a written report and oral presentation on work undertaken during the internship.

Antirequisite(s): The former Science 3390Y.

Extra Information: Pass/Fail. Credit for this course will not be given unless a minimum 8 month internship and all other mandatory components have been completed. This course may not be used as a substitute for any other course in the Faculty of Science or the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry. On successful completion, credit for the course will be given in the year in which initial registration in the course took place which is usually in Year 3.

Course Weight: 1.00
Breadth: CATEGORY C i  
Subject Code: SCIENCE

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