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Medical Biophysics 4970E


Major laboratory course in experimental biophysics for Honours Specialization modules offered by the Department of Medical Biophysics. Three components are: a major experimental project (topic and advisor chosen in consultation with the student), scientific communication (student presentation and reports), and electronic information processing (data capture, computer analysis of biophysical signals).

Antirequisite(s): Medical Biophysics 4971E.

Prerequisite(s): Medical Biophysics 3980E or the former Medical Biophysics 3970Z and registration in Year 4 of one of the following Honours Specialization modules: Medical Biophysics (Medical Science Concentration), Medical Biophysics (Physical Science Concentration), or Medical Biophysics (Biological Science Concentration); or registration in Year 4 of an Honours Specialization in Medical Biophysics and Biochemistry plus either Medical Biophysics 3980E or the former Medical Biophysics 3970Z or Biochemistry 3380G.

Extra Information: 15 hours weekly on average.

Course Weight: 1.50
Breadth: CATEGORY C i  
Subject Code: MEDBIO

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