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Nature and Purpose
The purpose of the Western Scholars designation is to recognize studentsí outstanding academic achievement and to provide opportunities for program enrichment.

High-achieving students entering first year are eligible to become members of the honor society referred to as Western Scholars. Western Scholars are invited to participate in extracurricular activities through which they are exposed to a variety of cultural, social and academic events, and are offered opportunities to participate in volunteer activities in the community.

Western Scholars are encouraged to pursue Honors Bachelor degrees. Although there is no requirement that Western Scholars take honors-level options, they are encouraged to select challenging courses that meet their academic needs.

The Western Scholar designation is noted on the studentís internal academic record, official transcript and degree diploma.

Eligibility Requirements
Students who were registered as Faculty Scholars or Scholarís Electives students at the time that the Western Scholars designation was introduced (September 2004) are eligible for membership in the honor society.

Students entering full-time study with averages of at least 90% or equivalent are invited to be recognized as Western Scholars prior to the beginning of their first year as part of the registration process. Students with equivalent levels of achievement who are entering with an International Baccalaureate or who have been admitted as international students or transfer students are also eligible.

Students who were not eligible at the time of admission to first year or eligible students who did not accept membership in their first year may apply for the Western Scholars designation at the end of first year if their sessional average in first year exceeds 80% on a full course load (i.e., at least 5.0 courses in the Fall/Winter session), with no mark below 65%. In subsequent years, students may apply for Western Scholars designation if they have met all of the progression requirements each session from their first year onward.

To retain the Western Scholars designation, students must achieve a sessional average of at least 80%, with no mark less than 65%, on a full course load (i.e., at least 5.0 courses) during each Fall/Winter session and a sessional average of at least 70%, with no mark less than 65%, on any additional courses taken during the summer session.