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Admission Requirements

The program in first year must include Biology 022 or 023 with a mark of at least 60%, and Chemistry 020 or 023. It is to a student's advantage to include the Mathematics requirement (one of Mathematics 030 or any two of the following: Calculus 050a/b, 051a/b, 081a/b, 091a/b, Mathematics 028a/b, Linear Algebra 040a/b, Statistical Sciences 024a/b, in first year. The Mathematics requirement must be completed successfully by the end of second year. It is recommended that students consider including one Physics course (Physics 020, 024, 028a/b and 029a/b, or the former Physics 022 or 025), since several Year 4 Honors programs have a Year 1 Physics course as a prerequisite. At least one course from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities or the Faculty of Social Science must be included.

Note: Some of the combinations of mathematics courses which meet the requirements of the 3-year BSc program in Biology are not sufficient for entry to honors programs in Biochemistry, Biophysics, Pharmacology and Toxicology, and Physiology. Check the Mathematics requirements of the individual programs.


Students should consult ACADEMIC INFORMATION section for details of grades required to meet admission, progression, and graduation requirements pertaining to 3-year BSc programs in the Faculty of Science.

Anyone intending to apply to a Faculty of Education should consult with the Student Services, Faculty of Education, before registration in second year, to plan an undergraduate program that will be suitable.

Second and Third Years

Biology 204a, 217b, 240F/G, 260a, 271a, 272b, 304F/G, 318F/G, 320Z, 321F, 325F/G, 326F/G, 332a, 335b, 336F/G, 338a (if taken before May 2004), Biology 345F, 346b, 366b, 396a/b, Anatomy and Cell Biology 309, the former Biology 203F, 205a, 213b, 216b, 305a, 309, 322a, 327b, 328a, 352b, 355b, 370b, 390a, 391b
Biochemistry 380G (formerly Biology 380b)
Medical Biophysics 302E, 303E, 330F (formerly Biology 302, 303, 330a)
Microbiology and Immunology 220a, 361G or the former Biology 358a, 359b
Pharmacology and Toxicology 357
Physiology 313y (or the former Physiology 310)

NB: Only the courses listed above may be used to fulfill this requirement. No substitutions are permitted.

One additional half course at the 200- or 300- level, either from the preceding list of laboratory courses, or from the following BIOLOGY and MEDICAL SCIENCES NON-LABORATORY COURSES:

Biology 284a, 285b, 286a, 316a, 342F/G, 351a/b, 360a/b, 392a, 393b, 394a, 395a, 397b, Biology 388a (if taken after May 2004), the former Biology 387F,
Biochemistry 381a, 382b (formerly Biology 381a, 382b),
Medical Biophysics 331G (formerly Biology 331G), Medical Biophysics 333F, 335G
Microbiology and Immunology 221a/b, 357a (formerly Biology 221a/b, 357a), Microbiology and Immunology 360b
Pharmacology and Toxicology 355a/b, 356a/b, or the former Biology 362,
Physiology 312, 314a (formerly Biology 314a),

No subsitutions are permitted.

One half-course at the 200-300 level either from the Biology and Medical Sciences LABORATORY and NON-LABORATORY courses listed above or from Chemistry.


    A number elected to attain a total of ten full-course equivalents for second and third year. Other Biology or Medical Sciences courses may be included among these options, if desired.

    If the first year Mathematics requirement has not been completed in first year, it must be included in second year.

Area of Concentration

For the BSc Biology program, the following five full course equivalents make up the area of concentration in Biology:

Biochemistry 280a (formerly Biology 280a)
Biology 281b, 282b, 283a, 290F/G plus two additional full course equivalents from the Biology and Medical Sciences LABORATORY COURSES list; plus one additional half course from the Biology and Medical Sciences LABORATORY or NON-LABORATORY course lists.
Note: Chemistry 213a/b, the full or half course in statistics, and the half course with or without a laboratory component from Biology or Medical Sciences or Chemistry, are required for the degree, but are not part of the area of concentration.

  1. To be registered in second year of the BSc Biology program a student must have achieved a minimum mark of 60% in Biology 022 or 023, a passing grade in Chemistry 020 or 023, and be registered in at least two full-course equivalents from the list comprising the area of concentration in Biology. It is strongly recommended that these two courses include at least one half-course from Biochemistry 280a (formerly Biology 280a), Biology 281b, 282b, 283a, 290F/G.
  2. Students wishing to take 300-level Biochemistry courses are required to take Chemistry 213a/b and 223b in second year.
  3. Students in the third year of the program are advised to consult with a biology counsellor before registering for courses, to ensure eligibility for entrance into fourth year honors programs in the Biological or Medical Sciences.

Graduation Requirements

Completion of a 15-course program. At least ten of the fifteen courses must be from the Faculty of Science and must include the following: