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Student Responsibility for Course Selection

A student in a degree program must select courses in accordance with the published requirements. Many courses have prerequisites or require the approval of the Department. These requirements, and any enrolment limitations, should be noted carefully prior to registration. Substitutions for prescribed courses require the written approval of the Department and the Dean. Students registering in the Fall/Winter Session and intending to take second-term half-courses must register for those courses during the course registration period.

Students are responsible for ensuring that their selection of courses is appropriate and accurately recorded, that all course prerequisites have been successfully completed, and that they are aware of any antirequisite course(s) that they have taken. If the student does not have the requisites for a course, and does not have written special permission from his or her Dean to enroll in the course, the University reserves the right to cancel the student's registration in the course. This decision may not be appealed. The normal financial and academic penalties will apply to a student who is dropped from a course for failing to have the necessary prerequisites.

The final date for registration is the last day of the second week of first-term classes. Although every effort will be made to accommodate late registrants, students are warned that courses may be filled by that date.

Students registered at Western or at an Affiliated University College (Brescia, Huron, King's) should note that if a course appropriate to their program is offered in an academic unit other than their own, they may register in it providing that their academic unit does not offer the course. However, students must have the written permission of the Dean of their Faculty prior to registering in a course that is offered both at Western and an Affiliated University College.

Full-time and part-time studies are available at Western and its Affiliated University Colleges. Students may also take advantage of diverse course offerings during the Spring/Summer Sessions (Summer Evening, Intersession, Summer Day, Distance Studies), and the Fall/Winter Sessions by Distance Studies.

Each undergraduate student will be classified as regular or special, full-time or part-time. A student's registration status is determined as follows:

Regular Student
A student who registers in the course requirements for a program and is proceeding toward a degree in that program.

Special Student
(i) A student who has received a degree from this (or another) university and who registers to take further courses but who is not a candidate for a degree.

(ii) Students who have an undergraduate degree from The University of Western Ontario and who intend to either (a) upgrade from a non-honors to an honors degree or (b) complete the requirements for a second honors degree in another discipline, must apply to the appropriate Department(s) for assessment. Students will be considered for a specific Honors Degree program provided that all requirements for entry into an Honors program have been met. Meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee admission to an Honors Degree program: approval is at the discretion of the appropriate Department and Dean's Office. Department(s) will take into account courses from the first degree and prescribe the courses to be completed to fulfill all of the honors requirements. No fewer than 5.0 prescribed honors courses may be required and some programs may require more than 5.0 courses. These prescribed courses must be taken at The University of Western Ontario. Graduation requirements will differ according to the program. Students should check with the appropriate Dean's Office to ensure specific graduation requirements are being met.

Full-Time Student
A student who registers in any session for 3.5 credits or more. (Also see the STUDENT FINANCIAL SERVICES sections.)

Part-Time Student
A student who registers for 3.0 or fewer credits in any session.

To register for courses, a student must:

  1. Be admitted to Western or be a continuing student in good standing. Students who have registered at Western, have subsequently transferred to another educational institution and who wish to resume studies at Western are not considered continuing students . Such students are considered transfer students and will be required to submit an application for admission by the applicable deadline.
  2. Select courses and ensure such courses are recorded by the Registrar's Office by the appropriate deadline.
  3. Pay or make arrangements to pay fees.

Failure to register during the designated time will result in a late registration fee.

First year and Transfer Students will be mailed registration information during the summer.

Continuing Undergraduate Students will complete an "Intent to Register" Form in February.

"Intent to Register" Forms will be available on-line to students continuing in the same degree/program. The on-line form and further instructions will be available at

Students transferring between Western and its Affiliated University Colleges must indicate their intent on the February "Intent to Register" Form.

Students in the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, the Faculty of Law, and the Richard Ivey School of Business may register by mail during the summer.

Students in the Faculty of Graduate Studies register by mail for each of three terms.

Special Students wishing to register in 400-level courses must obtain departmental permission for each course.