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Estimated Costs of Attending Western (September to April) for Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents
Tuition Fees
(2005-2006 full-time fees for many undergraduate programs)
Approximately $5,050.00
Books and Supplies (program dependent) Approximately $1,200.00
Personal and Living Expenses
(this amount will vary according to your personal needs)
$9,000 - $10,000
Tuition fees for International students are significantly higher. The University of Western Ontario receives no government funding for International Students. Refer to for the most up-to-date fee information.

It is the student's responsibility to be familiar with and understand all the University regulations contained in the Calendar; to understand how adding and dropping a course or courses, withdrawal, etc., affects a tuition fee account; and to ensure that tuition fees are paid in full without any notice from the University.

Failure to pay outstanding tuition and other related fees will result in academic and financial penalties up to and including removal from courses. For more information, refer to the ACADEMIC SANCTIONS, DEREGISTRATION AND REINSTATEMENT sections.

A student's registration is dependent upon payment of fees and academic eligibility.

Students are considered full-time if they register in 3.5 credits or more and will pay full-time undergraduate fees. Students will pay part-time undergraduate fees on a per course basis if they are registered in less than 3.5 credits. Failure to complete the registration process during the designated time will result in a late registration fee.

Proof of Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status must be submitted to the Registrar's Office, Stevenson-Lawson 190 prior to registration. If this information is not received promptly, International Student fees will be charged.

International Students whose status in Canada has changed must submit proof of Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status to the Registrar's Office, Stevenson-Lawson 190. To be eligible to pay the lower Canadian tuition rate, you must submit your documentation no later than November 1 of the current academic year. This deadline can not be changed. If you provide proof of Canadian citizenship after this date, you will not receive a refund. No retroactive changes are possible. You will be required to pay the amount that was originally assessed.

Tax certificates (T2202A) for the tuition portion of fees are issued at the end of February each year. Watch the Registrar's Website ( for important distribution information.

Income tax slips for scholarships, awards and bursaries (T4A) will be mailed at the end of February to eligible students.

Course Cancellations

When courses are cancelled because a minimum enrolment quota has not been met, the full tuition paid will be refunded to a student. Every attempt will be made to assist the student in finding an alternative course of study. No interest is paid on refunded tuition.