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A student must register for 6.0 credits and shall be considered a full-time student and will pay full fees. The Faculty of Education does not offer part-time programs at the pre-service level.

If necessary, payment of fees may be divided into two installments. The extra charge for this division of fees is $45.00. A minimum payment of the first instalment of fees must be made by August 1. A late registration fee is charged for fees paid after the deadline date. See the STUDENT FINANCIAL SERVICES section.

A non-refundable deposit on tuition fees is required from each admitted applicant. The deposit must be paid within two weeks of receiving the admission offer or the admission offer will be cancelled.

To provide experience in a variety of classroom settings students should expect to be assigned to schools beyond the London area for one or more practicum sessions. The student should be prepared to assume responsibility for any arrangements and expenses involved.

After candidates have received and accepted an offer of admission and have paid the tuition deposit, they will receive information regarding course selection.

Academic Calendar 2006 (old) » FACULTIES» FACULTY OF EDUCATION » FEES