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ACADEMIC POLICIES: Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Program

Advanced Standing

Decisions regarding advanced standing and transfer of credit are governed by the policy of the University.

  1. The cost will be one-half course tuition fee for each course for which prior learning assessment is requested.
  2. Policies on Advanced Standing for Basic Nursing and the Program for Registered Nurses also apply to students in the NP Certification Program.

Statement on Potential Health Risks and Immunization Requirements

Students in the School of Nursing will be required to care for persons with infectious diseases (including Hepatitis B and HIV) should they be assigned to them. Students accepted to the program will be sent complete documentation regarding health status policies and immunization requirements. Documentation of immunization and tuberculin status will be required.

CPR Certification

Students are required to obtain a valid certificate in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation at the Basic Cardiac Life Support Level prior to beginning the first clinical practicum. This certificate must be maintained throughout the program. Students will not be allowed into the clinical agencies until the appropriate documentation is submitted to the Clinical Course Coordinator.


The School of Nursing offers academic counselling to all interested candidates and students throughout the year. Early academic counselling is recommended.

Final Examinations

Permission to write final examinations is conditional upon adherence to general academic policy regarding examinations.

Eligibility for continued progression in the Nurse Practitioner Program is conditional upon the attainment of specified minimum levels of achievement.

  1. Students may proceed to the Integrative practicum course (Nursing 497) if the following conditions are met:
    1. Satisfactory clinical performance.
    2. Passing grade of at least 70% in each of Nursing 490y, 491y, 403a /404b and 405a /406b.
  2. Course Failures: Students in the Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Certificate Program are allowed a total of one course failure. The failed course must be repeated and passed without condition on the second attempt to permit the student to continue in the program.

Clinical Placements

The School of Nursing is responsible for the safety of nursing practice.

See OFF-CAMPUS PLACEMENTS in the ACADEMIC POLICIES / REGULATIONS section, and "Clinical Placements" in the School of Nursing Calendar .


Any student who withdraws in good standing or is required to withdraw for other than academic reasons may submit an application for readmission. Such application will be subject to the admission regulations, available space, and program requirements in force at the time of application to re-enter.

Additional Expenses

The certificate courses are offered as much as is feasible via distance education and the mode of delivery may vary by courses. For courses conducted through computer- mediated learning, students will require access to a modem-equipped personal computer and a phone line. Students purchasing new computer equipment are advised to buy equipment with a minimum of a 386 capability and CD-Rom.

Academic Calendar 2006 (old) » FACULTIES» FACULTY OF HEALTH SCIENCES » SCHOOL OF NURSING » ACADEMIC POLICIES: Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Program