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Registration Deadline: Second week of September for admission to Medicine for the following September. Refer to the OMSAS web site for exact dates (

Enrolment is limited. Admission to the Doctor of Medicine Program is competitive and the possession of the minimum requirements does not assure acceptance. Individuals satisfying the following requirements are eligible to apply for admission to the first year of the four year MD program in Medicine.

Medicine will consider applications to its first year medical program from individuals who are currently (or were) registered in a Doctor of Medicine Program (or equivalent) elsewhere.

    1. To be eligible to apply students must:
      have completed or be currently enrolled in a program leading to a four-year honours degree or equivalent from a recognized university and expect to have completed a minimum of 20 full or equivalent courses by the end of the academic year (September - April) in which application is being made. Please note: the MCAT is still required to apply to this medical school.

      Only those terms in which at least 5 full or equivalent courses (30 credit hours) are taken will be used in the calculation of GPA admission cutoffs. When students are required to take more than 5 full courses during any Sept-April academic year because of program requirements, the five best courses will be used in the calculation of GPA admission cutoffs. Three full or equivalent senior courses (second year and above) must be included in at least one of the two undergraduate years being used to determine compliance with established GPA cutoffs. The minimum GPA must be met in EACH of the two undergraduate years.

      Special Students: University Graduates
      Applicants who have earned a degree from a recognized university, may elect to continue in full time undergraduate studies, (a so-called special year) so that their academic standing may be improved for application to medical school. Only the first special year taken by the applicant will be considered for determination of GPA. Special years will only be considered if they contain five full or equivalent courses (30 credit hours) with a minimum of four full or equivalent courses at the honors level (which at Western are numbered 200 or higher). Honors level courses at Western numbered 200 are equivalent to third year courses at all other universities. First year courses are not acceptable in the 'special year'.

    2. Graduate students are required to have completed all requirements for their graduate degree and their thesis (if required) must be submitted for defense by the examination committee prior to registration in Medicine MD Program.

Additional Non-Academic Requirements
Confidential Assessment Form

Any three persons who, in the opinion of the applicant, will give an informed critical assessment will be acceptable as referees.

Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT)

All applicants must arrange for verified results of the revised Medical College Admissions Test to be submitted directly to the Ontario Medical School Application Centre. MCAT test results will be accepted provided the test was written no more than five years prior to the October application deadline. Refer to the OMSAS web site ( for exact deadline dates.


Interviews will be conducted beginning in March. Applicants who satisfy the course load, the GPA, and the MCAT requirements (obtaining the minimum in each of the four sections of the MCAT), as determined by the Admissions Committee each year, will have their applications reviewed carefully and will receive consideration for an interview.

However, many factors contribute to the final determination of which applicants will be invited for an interview. Achieving the minimum GPA and MCAT scores does not guarantee an invitation to be interviewed.

Proficiency in English

The Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry reserves the right to deny admission to any applicant whose facility in written and spoken English is judged to be inadequate.

Basic Life Support Training

Applicants should complete a St. John Ambulance course or the equivalent in standard first aid and a CPR Basic Rescuer course, and be able to produce valid certificates before enrolment in the medical program.

Selection Criteria

Admission to the MD Program is based primarily on the academic undergraduate record, MCAT scores, and the interview score. Although careful assessment is made of the academic record throughout all years at university, the academic marks obtained during two undergraduate years will be used to formulate your grade point average (five full courses in each year (30 credit hours), September to April, will be considered).

Admission and Application Policies

The maximum number of places available in first year is 133.

Following the final date for application, an applicant may file any supplementary information relevant to the application with the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, The University of Western Ontario, on or before the last day of May in the year following submission of the application.

Applicants may request a review of the decision of the Medicine Admissions Committee, provided that such a request is based upon new and significant information pertinent to the application. This request must be filed with the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, The University of Western Ontario, no later than two weeks after the issue of the original decision. The request should contain information not available to the applicant prior to the last Wednesday in May in the year following submission of the application. This request will be passed on to the Appeals Committee whose decision is final.

Advanced Standing and Transfers

The structure of the medical curriculum at The Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry is such that transfer from another Canadian medical school can be considered only in very exceptional cases and subject to space being available. Applicants considering transfer must first contact the office of Admissions & Student Affairs. Western does not accept advanced standing or transfers from non-Canadian Medical Schools.

Candidates from Accredited Degree-Granting Institutions

Candidates with acceptable standing at accredited degree-granting institutions may be considered for admission provided that the content of studies completed is equivalent in content to the courses offered by Western, and to the requirements of the program to which the student has applied. The university will review other candidates on an individual basis. Admission in all cases is competitive.