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Effective September 1, 2016, admission to this module will be discontinued. Students registered in the module prior to September 1, 2016 will be permitted to continue in the module with the understanding that they must complete the requirements prior to September 1, 2020. Effective September 1, 2020, the module will be withdrawn.

The Honors Specialization in Community Rural Health Development is offered jointly by the Faculty of Health Sciences and Brescia University College. Students may enroll in the Honors Specialization in Community Rural Health Development through either the Faculty of Health Sciences or Brescia University College. This program is comprised of 10.0 required courses, including two half-course practica (one offered through Brescia's Department of Sociology and one offered through the Facultyof Health Sciences).

Admission Requirements

Completion of Health Sciences 1001A/B, Health Sciences 1002A/B, Sociology 1020 or Sociology 1021E, and Biology 1001A or Biology 1201A and Biology 1002B or Biology 1202B, or the former Biology 1222 or Biology 1223, with an average of at least 70% in each of the 3.0 courses, no principal course below 60%, and no failures.

Module/Program Information

Program Requirements

Students must obtain an average of at least 70% in the required modular courses, with no course under 60%.

9.0 courses:

3.0 courses: Health Sciences 2250A/B, Health Sciences 2300A/B, Health Sciences 2610F/G, Health Sciences 3010F/G, Health Sciences 3011F/G, Health Sciences 4450A/B.
2.5 courses: Sociology 2215A/B, Sociology 3330F/G, Sociology 3331F/G, Sociology 3333F/G, Sociology 3334A/B.

For Health Sciences Registrants:

2.5 courses: Health Sciences 2700A/B, Health Sciences 2711A/B, Health Sciences 2801A/B, Health Sciences 3400A/B, Health Sciences 3801A/B.
0.5 course from: Health Sciences at the 3000 level or above.
0.5 course from: Health Sciences 4910F/G, Health Sciences 4990F/G, Health Sciences 4991F/G.

For Brescia Registrants:

0.5 course from: Human Ecology 2266F/G, Management and Organizational Studies 2205F/G.
0.5 course: Political Science 2276F/G.
0.5 course: Foods and Nutrition 3364A/B.
1.5 courses: Sociology 2205A/B, Sociology 3322A/B, the former Sociology 3300A/B.
0.5 course: Health Sciences 4910F/G.