Academic Calendar - 2019

Western University Academic Calendar. - 2019

Western Main Campus

Faculty of Science - Biology

Admission Requirements

Completion of first-year requirements, including a minimum mark of 60% in each of Biology 1001A or Biology 1201A and Biology 1002B or Biology 1202B. Chemistry 1301A/B and Chemistry 1302A/B or the former Chemistry 1100A/B and the former Chemistry 1200B.

Module/Program Information

4.0 courses:

1.5 courses: Biochemistry 2280A, Biology 2290F/G, Biology 2581A/B.
2.5 courses from: Biology 3466A/B, Biology 3592A/B, Biology 3593A/B, Biology 3594A/B, Biology 3595A/B, Biology 3596A/B, Biology 3597A/B, Biology 3598A/B, Biology 4289A/B, Biology 4540F/G, Biology 4560A/B, Biology 4561F/G, Biology 4562A/B.

1. Biology 3595A/B requires a minimum mark of 70% in Biology 2581A/B.

2. Biology 3596A/B requires a minimum mark of 70% in each of Biology 2581A/B and Biology 2290F/G.

3. Many 4000 level Biology courses require the completion of 1.5 Biology courses at the 3000 level or above.