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Major MAJOR IN VISUAL ARTS - admission discontinued
Faculty of Arts and Humanities - Visual Arts

The Major in Visual Arts was renamed the Major in Art History and Studio Art, effective September 1, 2016. Students enrolled in the module prior to September 1, 2016 will be permitted to graduate with the former name of the module. Enrolment in the Major in Visual Arts will be discontinued, effective September 1, 2016, and the Major in Visual Arts will be withdrawn effective September 1, 2019.

Admission Requirements

Completion of first-year requirements, including Visual Arts Studio 1020 or VAS 1025, and 1.0 courses from either Visual Arts History 1040, or two of VAH 1041A/B, VAH 1042A/B, VAH 1043A/B, VAH 1044A/B or VAH 1045A/B with a mark of at least 60% in each course, or permission of the Department.

Module/Program Information

6.0 courses:

1.0 course from VAS 2274A/B and VAS 2275A/B*
1.0 course
in VAS at the 2200 level
2.0 courses
in VAH at the 2200 level
1.0 course
in VAS or VAH at the 2200 level
1.0 course
in VAS or VAH at the 3300 level or above

Note: Students wishing to focus exclusively on Art History should enroll in the Major in Art History.
* Because of the thematic nature of the courses, students are encouraged to take VAS 2274A/B and VAS 2275A/B consecutively
Note: A minimum of 0.5 VAH course must be in historical eras prior to 1800.
Note: This Major may not be combined with any of the Honors Specializations in the Department of Visual Arts.