Academic Calendar - 2018

Western University Academic Calendar. - 2018

Western Main Campus

Faculty of Arts and Humanities - French Studies

Admission Requirements

Completion of first-year requirements, including French 1900E or French 1910 or French 1999 with a mark of at least 60%, or permission of the Department.

Module/Program Information

9.0 courses:

1.0 course from: French 2905A/B, French 2906A/B, or French 2907A/B (or French 2900).
1.0 course from: French 2605F/G and French 2606F/G (or French 2600E), or French 2805A/B and French 2806A/B.
1.0 course in French at the 2300 level or above.
1.0 course from: French 3905A/B, French 3906A/B, French 3907A/B, French 3908A/B (or French 3900).
3.0 courses from the following ranges: French 3500-3889 or French 4040-4899.
2.0 additional courses in French at the 3300 level or above.

Note: Both of French 2605F/G and French 2606F/G (or French 2600E) are prerequisites for French 3500-3799 and French 2805A/B and French 2806A/B are prerequisites for French 3800-3889.